2 Qualities Recommendation

Asma Ayoubi
Mr. Hott
3Rd Period, Principles Of Business And Finances
9Th October 2018
2 Qualities / Recommendation
Please Share Two Good / Great Qualities About Each Candidate For CEO (Mazin, Aidan,
and Michael). Also, Please Share Two Concerns That You Have And Why.
Finally, Please Tell Me Who You Would Select As CEO And Why?
1St Candidate: Mazin Two Or More Good / Great Qualities is Mazin had A Kind Of A Good
Way To Deal With Change, and How To Deal With An Argument That Went Against Your
2Nd Candidate: Aidan Two Or More Good / Great Qualities is Aiden have experienced Of
Change, Learn To Adapt Where Ever He is, and Aiden Have Good Communication Skills.
3Rd Candidate: Michael Two Or More Good / Great Qualities is Michael Get People To Solve
Their Conflicts, Michael Is A Gregarious, Outgoing & Enjoys Being Person Around People, And
Michael Has Great People Person Skills.
Please Tell Me Who You Would Select As CEO: Michael Should Be Selected CEO because
Michael have The Ability To Relate To Others, Strong Communication Skills, Patience With
Others, Active Listening Skills, Genuine Interest In Others, Keep An Open Mind, A Great Sense
Of Humor, Knowing Your Audience, Honesty, Proactive Problem Solving, Leadership Skills,
Good Manners, and The Ability To Be Supportive & Motivate Others.
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