Alien Invasion Simulation (Metaphor for Native American Experience U.S. History)

The year is 2017 and you are living in your hometown.
● On the top half of your piece of paper, draw a picture of what your home
looks like. Whether it is your actual home or another place in your town
you feel safe in, draw it.
● On the bottom half, draw a picture of something which symbolizes your
hometown. This could be a sign, a landmark, a community center.
When you have finished drawing, raise your hand and you will receive six
red squares of paper, four orange squares and four yellow squares.
On your six red squares, write the names of six people who are close to you.
These could be family or friends; people you would want in a bomb shelter
with you. Write one person’s name on each square.
On your four orange squares, write four of your possessions that you value.
Four things you would take into a bomb shelter with you. One on each
square. Do not include food or water, as this is presumed to exist.
On your four yellow squares, write the names of something you enjoy doing.
An activity or hobby. One per square.
The year is 2020. Massive tsunamis have wiped out several islands in the Pacific. In
response to the crisis, multiple world leaders call a joint press conference at the
United Nations.
The leaders announce they have found that 150 years ago, two advanced alien
civilizations arrived on Earth and established bases under the water. The first
civilization in the Arctic Ocean; the other in the South Atlantic.
They come from two different planets that are near each other. Their populations
have grown very large; their cities are overcrowded and their resources are dwindling.
Each civilization has claimed a portion of the Earth. They have been fighting a war
with each other that humans have not been able to see.
The second civilization has been defeated and is fleeing the planet. The first
civilization now has control over the entire earth. To save their civilization, they need
access to farmland; the richest soil.
They want control of the rich soil of Africa, Mesopotamia, Australia, and this area right
here on the map.
As a show of power, they have destroyed the North Island of New Zealand, which
unleashed the tsunami. After the announcement was made, Russian government
launched an attack on the aliens, and millions of their soldiers and civilians were quickly
annihilated by the aliens’ advanced weaponry.
They have ordered that many parts of the U.S. be evacuated and they oppose the use of
fossil fuels and will not permit any transportation that uses them. They have created a
secure territory for humans in the desert right here.
In 24 hours, your home and your town will be gone. Flattened to make room for alien
farms. You must leave.
Lay your sheets of paper in a pile at the front of the room and say goodbye to your home.
Round 1
The aliens promise to take care of the humans who are migrating to a new home.
They will share the secrets of their advanced civilization to solve the societal
problems of a backwards human society, while convincing other aliens to relocate to
Earth because the soil is so fertile and there is more freedom. The aliens also promise
to preserve some landmarks of human society, including the Smithsonian Institution,
Arlington National Cemetery and the Lincoln Memorial.
However, the aliens hate fossil fuels, and humans who are moving are not allowed to
use any fossil fuels in their migration. As you begin walking to your new home (20
miles per day), it becomes clear that there are not enough wagons for all of the
children and elderly. The nights are cold and the days are hot. Many old people begin
giving their places on the wagon to the children, and people begin to fall sick.
The oldest person in your group dies of pneumonia. Tear up and throw away their
Round 2
The food the aliens are providing you with does not fulfill your needs. It is made from
their staple crop, a bean-like product. You receive two bean bars a day. You are never
hungry, but the bars are bland and it is frustrating to eat the same thing every day.
The aliens are shaped like humans but appear different. Their skin is imperceptibly
smooth, there eyes have a crystalline quality and their hair is differently-colored and
textured. However, the aliens wonder if they can procreate with human because they
are so similar. They are doing testing and theorizing.
Along the trail you are on, there are aliens who trade in luxury goods, including
human foods which you desperately miss. You decide to trade one of your
possessions to gain this food and restore part of your sanity.
Tear up and throw away one of your posessions (orange square)
Round 3
The aliens did not come alone. They also brought sickness. This as unintentional but
you have no way to treat them. The aliens believed these diseases had died out
centuries ago, due to their natural immunity; however, the humans have no such
There is real emotional devastation in every family. The humans feel the promises of
the aliens are unfulfilled… the aliens feel they are being very fair to the humans and
are taking good care of them.
Before reaching the desert, the youngest person in your group dies of the diseases
brought by the aliens. Tear up their red square and throw it away.
The environment in the desert is different. You are given the nutrition bars but told
you have to farm in order to have your traditional human food. It is very hot in the
desert, so partially-submerged housing and water pumps are built.
Round 4
It is now 2030. 70 percent of population of what was once the United States has
perished. The 90 million survivors are packed into human territorial zones. You are in
Human zone #2. Human zone #1 is to the north, #3 is to the south. You have heard
that you have friends and family in zone #3, but they need permission from the aliens
to visit you.
One group of humans in Montana received weapons and assistance from the
survivors of the second alien group. They were able to fight well enough that they
kept their land.
Another group in Florida fought back as well. The aliens decided that the useless
swamps of Florida were not worth fighting over and pulled out.
The people are traumatized, morally devastated. There has been suicide. The amount
of labor that is done to maintain your society provides less free time. Tear up and
destroy two of your yellow hobby cards
Reflection #1
Take a minute to write down what your opinions and
feelings (in-character), having experienced the first four
rounds of the simulation.
Round 5
It is now 2035. Population has decreased down to 60 million but the natural lifespan
of humans have grown due to alien nutrition and sanitation. Those who lived remain
athletic and able-bodied into the 70s or 80s and regularly live into their 120s.
The bean crop which the aliens grow has purposes other than nutrition. If left out in
the sun, it ferments into a paste which has intoxicating properties when dissolved
under the tongue. It is also believed to have medicinal uses. Many humans have
turned to using the bean paste to cope with the drudgery of life and treat their
The oldest remaining member of your group becomes addicted to the bean paste and
dies of exposure in the winter. Tear up and throw away their red square.
Round 6
It is now 2040. 500 million aliens now live in the area around Human Zone #2. There
are 700 million near Zone #3; 200 million in zone #1.
There are large alien cities near in Zone #2. Many aliens begin to express guilt and
form a Society of Friends of the Humans. They want the humans to become citizens
of their nation. All human children ages 8 to 15 will be sent to schools in the aliens’
cities. The children will be given better food, taught the alien language, and perhaps
intermarry with the aliens. They are also made to replace their human names with
names which the aliens use. People who do not send their children will not be given
food or medicine.
Children can return at age 22. Children are taught about the great ‘discovery’ and
‘settlement’ by the aliens and the migration of humans. These are the words used to
describe what happened. They’re told that the humans were hostile and fought back.
Children who speak the human language in these schools are shamed and punished.
Reflection #2: how will you preserve human language, culture under this situation?
Round 7
It is now 2050. Many children have returned from the boarding schools to teach those of
you in the human zones what they have learned. However, not every child sent to the
schools return. Some decide to stay and live in the alien cities. They dress as the aliens but
the aliens can tell they are not.
Of the 30 million humans living in Human Zone #2, only 10 percent remain fluent in human
languages. The boarding schools are no longer mandatory and have largely been replaced
by schools within the human zones. The alien population of has swelled to 5 billion.
One of the most valuable materials the aliens have found on Earth is a mineral which
humans found worthless. However, the aliens can be refine this mineral into fuel and
insulation for their ship. It also forms the basis of their currency.
They have discovered large deposits of the mineral underneath Human Zone #2. They are
now demanding that the humans in your zone relocate again, to the Utah desert.
Meet with a person next to you. Decide if you want to move again or fight. You do have
access to more alien weaponry and large number of sympathizers in the alien population.
Round 8
It is now 2055. The humans who decided to stay and fight the aliens suffered great
losses but won concessions from the aliens, who agreed to only mine in a part of the
human zone, and to allow the humans to return after they have finished mining it.
The humans who moved faced suffering on the route and disease took its toll.
If you fought, the two youngest remaining members of your group died. Tear up and
throw away their red squares.
If you moved, the two youngest remaining members of your group died. Tear up and
throw away their red squares.
Round 9
It is now 2060. The aliens’ prized mineral has been found under the Smithsonian and
Arlington National Cemetery. The aliens have to mine this mineral, which will
destroy the cemetery and the museum. Many groups of humans decide to go to the
land and protest the mining effort, joined by some aliens who support them.
The aliens bring and use weapons to disrupt the protests, injuring protesters, and
arresting hundreds. The cemetery and the Smithsonian are destroyed, and the aliens
replace the Lincoln memorial with a grand statue of their greatest leader.
The humans return to their land. They are told they will be given citizenship as part
of the alien federation. You are forced to give up your American flag and fly the alien
flag instead. You are now able to freely move anywhere within the region which
surrounds Human Zone #2 and able to vote in the alien elections. Rather than being
referred to as human, the aliens now call you Native Nasserma (our best
approximation of their name).
Reflection #3
Take a minute to write down what your opinions and
feelings (in-character), having experienced this part of
the simulation thus far. What do you think about these
aliens and their actions?
Round 10
The aliens have a document that protects the rights of their people. They also have a
system of entertainment showing how they ‘tamed’ this region and fought off the
vicious humans who were attacked the peaceful alien settlers. Humans who helped
the aliens are celebrated, put them on the alien currency and have shows about them.
Human women are portrayed as sexual objects, barely-clothed and begging to be
conquered by the courageous aliens
Intermarriage has created some mixed-race people. Some choose to live amongst the
aliens. Humans who live in the aliens' cities are discriminated in employment and
higher education.
In the alien culture, human ‘artifacts’ are viewed as queer, fascinating objects to be
used for decorating their museums or movie sets.
Lose 1 of your possessions (orange square), which you trade to an alien who teaches a
‘Human Studies’ course at an alien university and collects human memorabilia.
Round 11
It is 2065. Part of your survival and economy in the reserve has been hunting the local
wildlife for meat. The aliens have also learned to enjoy the hunting of these animals
though they do so entirely for fun. A number of alien clubs have been led a push to
bar the human hunting of these animals because of it. This has had a negative effect
on your economy.
You have so sell one of your remaining possessions (orange square) to survive. Tear it
up and throw it away.
Several humans who break this law are arrested or jailed. After years of struggling
with the alien’s legal system, the alien court rules in favor of humanity, allowing you
to hunt your traditional prey within the human zones.
Round 12
It is 2070. The humans living in zone #3 are concerned and restless. They have been
given fewer freedoms than the humans in your zone. Their farms are less successful.
Some try to sneak into zone #3, but they are arrested, punished and called illegal
humans. The aliens build a wall between the zones, limited your freedom of
The aliens also begin to build a transportation infrastructure to efficiently move some
of their resources from zone 1 to zone 3. This pipeline has to pass through a part of
zone 2 that has been used for human gathering and burial spots. Those who protest
the pipeline are violently attacked. The pipeline leaks frequently, spilling toxic
material into your water supply and rotting the land.
Due to pollution and loss of your freedom of movement, you are forced give up one of
your hobbies (yellow squares). Tear it up and throw it away.
Final Reflection
Take a minute to write down what you felt during this
simulation and how living through these scenarios
would affect you.
● Were you treated fairly by the aliens?
● If not, is there anything they could do to atone for
what they’ve done to you?
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