Module 1: Service As Ladership

Destini Maynard
August 26, 2018
Module 1
I think our number one goal or priority is to fight inequality and injustice. With most of our class
presentations, they were all displaying just this. Our class picked to highlight injustices going on
with trafficking people or fighting inequalities for people with disabilities. Even outside of our
class, in today's world people are constantly fighting and standing up for what is right involving
inequalities and injustices that occur in America everyday. Some examples would be the
Feminist Movement, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and the nationwide protest of the
national anthem.
Examples of wicked problems, but are limited to:
Protest of national anthem- You don't understand the problem until you develop a solution.
Black Lives Matter- No alternative solution. When I say this, I understand the complexity of the
numerous problems this movement is fighting for, but for the purpose of this assignment I am
looking at one common factor- the police. America cannot simply get rid of police officers, so
this gives no alternative solution.
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