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Victimisation 1
Procter and gamble is one of the most multi-national public based organizations which
were founded as the customers good within the industry in the year 1837. The organization is
entirely based in the city Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, as the headquarters of this company
and it is also headed over from the CEO of the organization who is Bob McDonald.
Marketing Goal Statement of the Company
The significant philosophy behind the organization is cashing the global appearance it
concentrating on the each market segmentation which does business related transactions for the
organization, not worrying about the kind of extent that business is about. Procter and Gamble
mission statement revolves in the surrounding of the standard based elevations of the lifestyle of
an individual from introducing the modernized chains and authentic quality of the brands.
Swot (Strength, weakness, opportunity and threat)
Every organization out there is having some kind of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities
and threats. The below mentioned is the SWOT Analysis of Procter and Gamble.
Procter and Gamble was having the highest ranking all around the globe within the
customers’ goods manufacturing means that they are at the highest marketers all around the
They are potentially incorporated with the authentic sellers all around the world
specifically in the United States of America.
Different strategies have been developed from the management which dynamically
appreciated due to the strong managerial based functionalities.
Victimisation 2
Various kinds of innovation within the production have been taken within the
functionalities, which is likely from the consumers.
The services of the organization are paid all around the world.
Drawbacks (Weaknesses)
The non-acceptability for the tagging of being private manufacture producers which faces
various bans linked with the different countries within which they have been presented
affectively all around the world sales, because they have been presented all around the globe.
The presence within the online based media is quite weak and the leadership quality is not up to
the mark as well.
The organization has the great opportunity for doing the online based advertisements and
also has the strong hold on the online based media for achieving the desire goal.
The organization which in minimal interested in implementing these kind of project
which are non-suitable for the association and which have the direct impact on the production of
the goods.
The organization has the golden opportunity of buying various kinds of good and for
acquiring the production for enhancing the company position within the market.
The various produced commodities from the4 organization have been sold out directly to
the organization instead of the middleman involvement.
The organization might have the strong chances of getting privatized which affect the
local based growth of the organization.
Victimisation 3
All around the world, the consumer-shipment of the goods from the organization are
towards the reduction specifically within the United States of America.
The potential competitors of the organization have expanding their businesses from
buying the assets and also the emergence within the bloomed markets.
Promotional strategies
This factor of the marketing mix, also called as the marketing based communication
mixes, an analyses the organizations collaboration and communications based tactics within the
reaching of the target consumers or the customers. Within this, the P&G develops the usage of
all 5 kinds of the communication based tactics. Even so, the organization’s reliance on the
advertisement is typically within the domain of the consumer’s goods industries. The P&G
communications based tactics are mentioned as follows, the arrangement as per their business
Direct Marketing Approach
Sales based promotions
Personal Selling
Public Relations
The sector of advertisement facilitates as the P&G significant tactics of communications
within the deliverance of the various product details and linked data for the target markets. For
instance, the organization utilizes the TV, online media for the advertisements. Moreover, on the
other hand, the direct marketing engages the communications among the P&G authentic
distributors and the clientele within the corporate. The personal selling and the sale promotions
are at times applicable for few product lines, specifically as the start towards the latest products
Victimisation 4
or the variants of the upcoming customer goods. The organizational culture of P&G influences
the workers’ training which has been involved within the personal selling. For example, P&G
provides the sponsorships for the contests who are winners on the Television shows, for the
sports based events like the Summer Olympics which has been held in the year 2016, and for the
online based communities just like the Women.com. This factor of P&G marketing mix
represents the significance of advertisement for supporting the efficiencies within
communication within the target market. Furthermore, the promotional strategies of the P&G
also involves the various ways of promoting the products such as TV advertisements, magazines
and newspaper, sponsorships, social media, digital and mobile markets and sampling as well.
Pricing Strategies:
The ranges of prices, price points, and prices depend on the determination within this
factor of the marketing mixture. P&G applies the prices which maximized the profits as well as
the revenues. The organization adjusts its pricing strategies of the products as per the conditions
of the customer market of goods. Following are the pricing based strategies which are quite
relevant to the business of P&G:
The market-oriented based pricing strategy
The product bundle based pricing strategy
The premium based pricing strategy
Within the market-oriented based pricing strategies, the prices of the competitors and
related to the trend of the prices have been utilized in the determination of the prices of several of
P&G goods of the consumers. For instance, this sort of pricing strategy is applicable for the
organization’s Tide detergent goods. Moreover, on the other hand, the product bundling pricing
strategy implemented the various priced for the groupings or products set. For example, P&G
Victimisation 5
utilizes these pricing strategies within the sales of the businesses via the professionals of Procter
and Gamble. This particular strategy is occasionally applicable for the special offerings which
promote the specific products from the various retailing stores. The premium strategy of pricing
is relatively higher as compare to the average market prices. The P&G utilizes this particular
strategy for few of its products, for example as those within the brands of Olay. Few strategies
contribute towards the maintenance of the perceiving premium based value for the organization’s
premium brandings. It entirely depends on the elements of the marketing mixtures; P&G has the
multiple-pronged approaches to the setting with the prices for its customer goods.
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