Case Study Presentation OUTLINE

Case Study Presentation (Vanessa Diaz)
A. Hey everyone! How many of you have made a friend in college and thought
“where have you been all my life?!” Well I have a friend like that and her name is
Shivani and she is one of my closest friends and someone who has been a huge
part of my college experience and life. She truly is my other half in friendship
B. Reason to Listen: I am a pretty nice person so I think you all will get a great kick
of how I non-verbally acted like a brat towards one of my best friends and in the
end, you get to hear her reaction.
C. Thesis: (complete declaritive sentence)
D. Preview of main points: Today I am going to tell all of you about how mine and
Shivani’s friendship changed within a matter of weeks.
i. Shivani and I have been friends for 2 years
iii. The outcome/implications
Transition to first main point: Since we only see each other once a week, you all don’t really
know much about me and you don’t know Shivani so let me give you all some background
information about our relationship
A. 1st main point: We met our freshman year in the spring when we joined Greek
life and ending up hitting it off. We moved into a house in Ingleside our
sophomore year with a few of our other close friends. Now two years later, we
will be going into our senior year together this fall. Shivani and I are both very
open and outgoing people so we feel whenever one of us is upset, sad, happyany kind of shift in our mood.
a. Sub-point: explanation/analysis
b. Sub-point
Transition to second main point: I had a hard time deciding whether I wanted to do the case
study on Shivani because of how close we are, I thought she would catch on or get upset.
However, I was curious so I decided to go with it.
B. 2nd main point: The manipulation
a. Sub-point: define behavior
b. Sub-point: manipulation day 1
c. Manipulation day 2
Transition to third main point:
C. 3rd main point: The outcome/implications
a. Sub-point: explanation/analysis
b. Sub-point:
Transition to conclusion: “In conclusion…”
A. Restate main points:
a. Background
b. Manipulation
c. Outcome
B. Closing device:
Thank you!
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