7th grade Study Guide

Be able to list and describe the 5 Pillars of Islam
Be able to compare and contrast Sunni and Shia beliefs
Be able to identify the Umayyads, Abbasids and Fatimids by their achievements and important
How did the Arabian Peninsula’s geography affect the way people lived?
Who founded Islam?
How are Islam, Christianity and Judaism connected? In the Islamic Empires are any special
privileges granted to people of the book?
What is the Koran? Why is it important to the Islamic faith?
In what two ways did the Islamic religion spread?
How did cities within the Islamic Empires become rich? What did wealth allow them to
Muslim scholars gained new knowledge, list their accomplishments.
Muhammad was born in 570 into a powerful family.
At 25 he married a rich woman and he soon prospered as a merchant.
At 40, he was praying, and an angel told him he was the messenger of God.
He began preaching this religion called Islam. Believers of Islam were called Muslims.
● A book was created called the Koran. It was like the Muslim bible. It was full of all of
Muhammad’s teachings.
Towns were made around and because of oases
Mecca and Medina are examples of oasis cities
Oasis were used as a place to rest for a while before the nomads continue their move
Oasis were important because they helped people not die of heat or thirst
● They had a bureaucracy as their government system
● With their bureaucracy they can rule the empire from the city of Damascus
People believed Islam started because of the prophet Muhammad
He began preaching this religion called Islam. Believers of Islam were called Muslims.
Muslims follow the 5 pillars of Islam. They were five rules Muslims must do.
They were all fighting over who the new leader would be. In the same year, they found a
man named Abu Bakr. Abu was a close friend to Muhammad, and his father-in-law. He
was the first caliph to Muhammad, and Islam’s second leader.
● Believes that there is one God, named Allah. Muhammad is the last prophet and Jesus is
also a prophet. They trace their religions to Abraham.
● The Sunni opposed the Umayyads and the Shia accepted the Umayyads
● The 2 Muslim groups were called the Sunni and Shia
● The Sunni opposed the Umayyads and the Shia accepted the Umayyads
Abd al-Malik
● In 685 Abd al Malik made Arabic the official language for all Muslim lands
● Abd al Malik invented a coin system
● Baghdad became the Abbasids new capital 762.
● It was on the eastern trade routes and one of the caliphs said that it’s a marketplace for
the world.
● By the time 800s Baghdad became so popular there were 900,000 people living there.
● Farmers had the tools to get staples as rice, sugar, cane, and cotton.
● Different art work was compared Completely different when looked at.
● After the 800s the Muslims entered into a golden age.
● They had different ways of doing art and one famous way was calligraphy.
● They made new things like Book making, literature, poems , Mathematics, Astronomy,
and medicine.
● The Abbasids were being revolted against by the people.
● The people thought they were getting lazy and only cared about themselves
● The Abbasids weren’t only being attacked from the inside but also from the outside.
● Some people like the Fatimids continue to attack at them for a long time.
● They (supposedly) found a daughter of Muhammad and said that she should be the
Caliph instead of the Abbasids
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