How to meet new people at college essay

Caitlin Choy
3 December 2018
How to Meet People at College
Meeting new people as a college student can be hard. From planning and registering for
classes to studying for midterms, school can take up a lot of a someone’s time. It’s a wonder
college students don’t abandon all social life while in school. However, there is a reason why
busy and successful people still make time for relationships, they understand the value. The best
way to create a stable and successful future, is to surround yourself with others who have your
back. Even though college can be incredibly tiring, having friends to study and experience it all
with you, makes it exponentially better. Of course, sometimes meeting new people at college is
not the easiest task. Fear not, there are many tried and true methods to help expand your friend
Start at the school
The best place to meet new people is usually the place you spend most your time. After
all, most of the people at colleges are relatively young, students, and probably have more
similarities to you than differences.
Make friends with the people you sit next to in class
If possible, on the first day of class, talk to the people directly next to you. This is an
easy, natural way to meet new people, and is a good first step for people who find conversation
intimidating. Even if a long term friendship isn’t in the future, you’ll always have someone to
help catch you up when you’re absent.
Come to class feeling confident and friendly
The energy we put out into the universe has a way of coming back. So make sure you
come to class feeling refreshed and put-together, or at least with a smile. You’re more likely to
begin a conversation with someone new if you look and feel great. Out of class, try smiling or
saying hi to those you pass in the hallways. The more positive energy you give out, the more
others will reciprocate.
Use free time to hang out in the library or coffee shop
Try to spend free time around other people rather than sitting alone. Even if you don’t
feel comfortable striking up a conversation, the chances of you bumping into someone
interesting increase. Plus, the library is a great place to get schoolwork out of the way so you
have more time to socialize, killing two birds with one stone!
Use social media
Though somewhat obviously, many people forget about the plethora of sharing platform
available from your phone. Apps like Instagram and Facebook are easy ways to find other
students who go to your school. Other apps like Tinder or Bumble can be great for meeting
romantic interests. Just make sure to meet in a public place and/or bring a friend along to be safe.
Join clubs
Finding a club that interests you is an easy way to meet people. This is a great option,
especially for those that struggle with small talk, because you can jump into a conversation about
something you already know and that interests the other person.
Using one of these tips or a combination, is sure to introduce you to new people on
campus. Remember, humans are inherently social creatures. In the age of advanced technology,
it's easy to feel lonely or distanced from other people. Navigating college life, is all about using
that technology for good and trying to get the best experience out of a few short years on
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