topic 18 lesson 6 Guided Reading KEY

Topic 18 Lesson 6
The Second Industrial Revolution
Please be sure to answer the following questions using COMPLETE SENTENCES. I also need you to cite the page
number that you claim the answer came from.
1. Which two countries dominated the Second Industrial Revolution?
United States and Germany (801)
2. What was a cheap source of energy used during the Second Industrial
Oil (802)
3. When was electricity a reality for people during the Second Industrial
1860s and after (802)
4. Describe how an assembly line works and how it made goods easier and
cheaper to produce.
A product is assembled as it moves past a line of workstations. It was a more efficient
way to create products which made products easier, cheaper, and faster to produce. Each
worker only needed to be skilled at one task in this process. (802)
5. What did Henry Bessemer do?
Developed a process that mass produced steel at lower costs. (802)
6. When was the first telephone created?
1876 (802)
7. What is an ‘investor’?
Someone who gives or loans money to a person or business in the hope of making a
profit. (802)
8. What replaced steam as a source of energy during the Second Industrial
Electricity and Oil (803)
9. What happened to the middle class in the 1800s?
The size and wealth of the middle class expanded or grew rapidly. (803)
What were four new inventions from the Second Industrial Revolution?
Answers will vary using the timeline on the bottom of page 803. Telephone, camera,
radio, sewing machine for home use, typewriter, electric light bulb, gas powered
automobile, airplane.
What is a ‘consumer’?
One who buys products. (804)
How did medical care improve during the Second Industrial Revolution?
Joseph Lister discovering sterilization for surgical instruments, Robert Koch discovering
the germ theory of disease, Louis Pasteur stressing the importance of cleanliness to help
prevent the spread of disease. (804)
What are ‘Child Labor Laws’?
Laws passed to help protect child workers. (805)
When was free, required public education established in the United
States and Europe?
The Early 1900s (805)
What is ‘suffrage’?
Voting Rights (806)
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