Water Properties Quiz

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Water Properties Quiz
1. Water is able to dissolve many substances, and is commonly known as
Universal solvent
Universal element
Universal compound
Universal solute
2. In a science experiment a constant isa.
The part of the experiment you change
The part of the experiment used as a standard
The part of the experiment you keep exactly the same
Observable and measurable
3. Pure water is transparent. This property allows fora. Water molecules to stick to each other.
b. Small insects to skate on the top of a pond.
c. Water to change states.
d. Plants to survive deep in the ocean and at the bottom of riverbeds.
4. A 6th grade class is conducting an experiment to see if a plant watered
with water or oil would grow the tallest in 2 weeks. What is the
independent variable?
a. The height of the plants
b. The type of soil used
c. The liquid used to water the plants
d. The type of plant
5. Water is considered essential to life because ita. Occurs naturally in nature.
b. Is found in so many places.
c. Is rarely found in the human body
d. Can dissolve nutrients to move them throughout the body.
6. The correct molecular formula for water is
a. 2HO
b. H20
c. HO2
d. OOH
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7. Water has special properties because it is polar. A drop of water or a
raindrop is an example of what property that bonds water molecules
strongly with other water molecules?
a. Capillary action
b. Cohesion
c. Adhesion
d. Surface tension
8. In a 6th grade science class students are testing 3 different types of soil
(miracle grow, Food Lion brand, and Wal-Mart brand) to see which one
will grow the tallest plants. What is the dependent variable in this
a. The types of soil
b. The sunlight, water and time frame
c. The height of the plants
d. The 6th grade class
9. In the experiment in question #8 what is an appropriate hypothesis,
written in the correct format?
a. I think the soil from Wal-Mart will grow the tallest plants.
b. If I use miracle grow, then the plants will grow the tallest.
c. Food lion brand soil will make the plants the biggest.
d. Miracle grow will make the tallest plants.
10. In the morning when water drops can be seen on the tops of leaves
which water property is being used, that causes water molecules to
bond to other substances?
a. Cohesion
b. Adhesion
c. Capillary action
d. Dissolving
11. Water is a polar molecule. This means water has both –
a. Neutrons and protons
b. Positive ends
c. A negative and positive end
d. 8 electrons and 1 electron
12. A pot of snow left on a hot stove will melt into water, and then begin to
evaporate into water vapor. What phase change(s) are taking place?
a. Gas to liquid
b. Gas to liquid and liquid to solid
c. Solid to gas
d. Solid to liquid and liquid to solid
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13. The job of a solvent is to _______________ substances.
a. Dissolve
b. Wash
c. Boil
d. Put together
14. Water is the UNIVERSAL solvent. What is another meaning for the word
a. Same
b. Worst
c. Best
d. Clearest
15. Draw the correct structure of water. Label the hydrogen molecules
with an H and the oxygen molecule with an O.
**5 point bonus question**
Water has the ability to regulate climate. An area near the ocean like
Virginia Beach has an average high temperature of 37 degrees F. What
would be a possible temperature for an inland area like Richmond, VA?
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