Employee motivation

Employee motivation is methods for motivating employees, is an intrinsic and internal drive to
put forth the necessary effort and action towards work-related activities.
Motivation is the reason or intention for doing something or behaving in a certain manner. It
becomes the source of willingness to perform a certain task.
Almost all the tasks that we perform in our daily routine are result of motivation. And it is
equally true in the work place.
Motivation is driven by two factors:
1. Intrinsic: These motivators are Knowledge, achievement, growth, advancement,
recognition, appreciation.
Intrinsic motivation comes from within. In a workplace, these factors motivate an employee to
work apart from salary. By ensuring the value and achievements of employees managers can
fairly and fully promote and support employees.
2. Extrinsic: These are salary, benefit, promotions, policy, safety, security, working
environment.Often these benefits are beyond the direct control of a line manager and are more
often determined at organisational level. The management should keep an eye on the
performance of the employees and should provide them the needful as per policy.
Motivating your Employees:Motivated employees are happy employees. And happy
employees tend to be more productive. Therefore, company should try and maintain that
motivating factor to keep employees on the track. Here’s how:
1. Boost Self Confidence: Try giving them feedback in a positive way. Praise them for
their success. Remind them about their skills and how they can perform well. This will increase
confidence and performance in them.
2. Positive Work Environment: Environment has a lot to do. If possible try allowing
them to personalising their work space. Allow positivity by flow of thoughts, expressions. Team
spirit, appreciation, trust between management and employees all work together to build a
positive environment.
3. Matching skills with Work: Handing over work which is compatible with the skills
and knowledge with the employees will give out more productivity in lesser time. Because the
employees will remain motivated and will enjoy using skills which they already possess.
4. Value your Employees: Value for work is important in motivating employees. If they
are good at certain work related thing, try recognising it. According observe their work and value
them. Reward them for working wonderfully with awards, souvenir etc.
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