Choice Menu African Ethnic Groups

Choose an assignment from the choice board.
Create a graphic organizer
illustrating the relationship
between African Ethnic
Groups and African Religious
Groups. (Use web resources
to find additional information)
Complete worksheet “Rise
and Spread of Islam in North
and East Africa”
Watch Crash Course Video
Mansa Musa and complete
corresponding online
worksheet. (on Google
Watch the Flocabulary videos
Middle Ages Africa, complete
the read and respond activity,
and take the short quiz. (on
Compare and contrast two
Sub-Saharan kingdoms, one
must be from West Africa and
one must be from East Africa,
use web resources to find
information on the kingdoms.
Write a short narrative about
a merchant who travels from
Timbuktu to Mogadishu in the
1300s, use web resources to
research the time period.
Selected students must complete the following:
Read Chapter 8 section 2 and write a short essay on the difference between Ethnic Groups and
Religious Groups.
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