Essay Peer Revision

Ms. Sikorski
Essay Peer Revision Checklist
Essay Author: ____________________________________
Peer Reviser: ____________________________________
o ______ Heading: Heading is in top left corner (student name, teacher name,
course title, due date)
o ______ Title: Title is centered, in plain font, with all major words capitalized (do
not capitalize small words like “the,” “of,” “at,” “with,” etc.)
o ______ Line Spacing: Entire essay double spaced
o ______ Paragraph Spacing: No extra space before or after heading or title, or
between paragraphs
o ______ Font: Times New Roman, size 12
o ______ Indentation: Indent all paragraphs
o ______ Topic: Makes it clear what the specific essay topic is
o ______ Creativity: Is interesting and creative but not cheesy
Introduction Paragraph:
o ______ Attention Getter (Highlight in Yellow): The first sentence introduces the
topic in an interesting way
o ______ Necessary Information (Highlight in Light Blue): The next few sentences
provide more background information on the topic
o ______ Thesis (Highlight in Green): The last sentence(s) clearly states the
specific central claim of the essay
Body Paragraphs:
o ______ Transition (Highlight in Pink): Starts with a transition word (To begin,
Furthermore, Finally, etc.)
o ______ Topic Sentence (Highlight in Yellow): First sentence clearly states the
first area of support for the thesis
o ______ Introduction of Quotations (Highlight in Light Blue): All quotations are
introduced in some way
o ______ Citations (Highlight in Green): All quotations are properly cited. Ex:
“Quote” (Sikorski para. 5).
o ______ Analysis: At least one sentence after each quotation explains how the
quotation supports the thesis, using phrases like “This shows,” “This
demonstrates,” “This illustrates,” etc.
Conclusion Paragraph:
o ______ Transition (Highlight in Pink): Starts with a transition word (Thus,
Therefore, Hence, Ultimately, etc.)
o ______ Rephrased Thesis (Highlight in Green): The thesis is re-stated but in
slightly different words
o ______ Summarize Body Paragraphs (Highlight in Yellow): Each body paragraph
(main area of support for the thesis) is summarized
o ______ Clincher (Highlight in Light Blue): The final sentence(s) is interesting and
provides the reader with a sense of closure
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