Heredity Test Review
Name: _______________
Heterozygous/hybrid: ________________________________________________________________________
Homozygous/purebred/true-breeding: ___________________________________________________________
Genotype: ________________________________________________________________________________
Phenotype: ________________________________________________________________________________
Dominant: _________________________________________________________________________________
Recessive: ________________________________________________________________________________
1. In humans, dimples are a dominant trait. Cross a woman with no dimples with a man who has dimples, but his
mother has no dimples. Show all possible genotypes, phenotypes, and their percentage.
Incomplete dominance: ___________________________
Codominance: ___________________________________
2. Poofkins come in red, blue, and purple. Write the
correct genotype for each color if R represents a red
gene and B represents a blue gene.
Red: _____
Blue: _____
Purple: _____
3. What would happen if Spongebob crossed a Poofkin with red flowers with a Poofkin with blue flowers.
A. How many of the plants would have red flowers? ______%
B. How many of the plants would have blue flowers? ______%
C. How many of the plants would have purple flowers? ______%
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4. Three children recently born in a hospital were
accidentally mixed up. The blood types of the parents
involved are given along with the blood types of the
infants. Determine which baby belongs with which parents
and explain your reasoning.
Parents #1 – Type A and B
Parents #2 – Type O and AB
Parents #3 – Type B and O
Baby X – Type A
Baby Y – Type O
Baby Z – Type AB
Baby X belongs to Parents # _____ because _____________________________________________________
Baby Y belongs to Parents # _____ because _____________________________________________________
Baby Z belongs to Parents # _____ because _____________________________________________________
Sex linked traits: ___________________________________________________________________________
5. In cats, black coat (B) is codominant with yellow (b). The coat color gene is on the X chromosome. Calico cats,
which have coats with black and yellow patches, are heterozygous for the coat color allele.
A. Why are most calico cats female? ___________________________________________________________
B. A calico female, Pickle, had a litter with one yellow male, two black males, two yellow females, and three calico
females. What are the genotypes and phenotypes of the father cat?
Genotype: ____________
Phenotype: ____________
6. Solve a Punnett square for
the following cross:
AaBb x aaBb
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Pedigrees : _______________________________________________________________________________
8. Determine which pedigree represents an autosomal recessive trait, and which is autosomal dominant.
Answer: _________________________________________
Answer: __________________________________
Explain how you knew: _____________________________
Explain how you knew: ______________________
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