Writer's Notebook Instructions and Rubric

Writer’s Notebook (WN)
The purpose of the Writer’s Notebook is to practice writing. Every day at the beginning
of class, you will answer a writing prompt in your notebook. Your notebook will be
collected at random times and graded each quarter. If you are absent, you are
responsible for answering the writing prompt you missed. The following instructions
need to be followed:
1. Write your full name and period number on the front of your spiral notebook.
2. Write the title and date above your written response.
Answer all prompts using at least 5 complete, sentences.
4. Your first sentence (called a topic sentence) needs to restate the prompt.
Each entry is worth 20 points. If I grade three entries, that’s 60 points each quarter –
equivalent to one test grade. Follow the instructions listed above, and you will earn all
of the points!
Title – 2 points
Date – 2 points
Topic Sentence – 4 points
4 (at least) Support Sentences – 12 points
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