Wanda's Hiring Process or How to Be Sued in One Easy Lesson

Role of Human Resource Management in the Success of a Business:
 Think Tank: Human resource management is the think tank that have the best ideas to use the
best available human resources in a business.
 Recruitment: Human resource management department is responsible for providing the best
quality human resources for the business.
 Unique Hiring Process: Because the Human resource department is responsible and accountable
for their recruitment, they always try to be innovative and unique when it comes to the new hiring
for a business.
 Employee Satisfaction: Employees are the backbone of the business, if they are unsatisfied so
the quality of their work will get affected, that can happen due to many reasons, and human
resource management department is responsible to look after the satisfaction of the employees.
 Looking After Human Rights: Sometimes business tries to exploit their employees and vice
versa, then Human resource management department s the one who can work his way through
and solve the disputes and try to do work according to the law.
 Proper Training and Development: Human resource management department provides and
arrange the training and development programs for their employees, whenever it is needed.
The hiring strategy of Salty Pawz is a little wrong, we can say their whole strategy is a little fraction of
the big picture. A well build hiring strategy contains many points that needs to be taken under
consideration when hiring someone. those points are mentioned below:
Prepare Questionnaire: When hiring a new employee, the employer should prepare a detailed
questionnaire. So that the potential employee can be questioned accordingly.
 Fill out forms: employer should make the potential employees fill out forms with various
reasoning and decision-making questions along with some other personality defining questions.
 Pre-background Check (About interests and likings): Although it is advised to do the
background check after you decide to hire but doing a little background check before interview
give a nice idea of the person coming for interview, then the employer can short the questions
 Group Discussion (If possible): A group discussion is the best way to test the potential
employees and for short listing the best among all.
 Personal Interview: The Personal interview is the most crucial and productive part of hiring
where employer can check whether the employer's and employee's vibes match or not. Personal
Interview can help with knowing the knowledge and desires of the potential employee.
There are many laws that govern employer-employee relations some of them are mentioned below:
Employer and employee have right to privacy in the workplace.
Employee have right to get paid (equal pay to male and female employee)
Employer cannot do a credit or background check without notifying employee in advance.
Employee have right to be from discrimination
Employee and Employer have right to be free of any kind of harassment from anyone at
 Employee have a right to a safe workplace in terms of health.
If Salty Pawz became the subject of an employee lawsuit, that can result in bad situations for the business
in different ways, that depends on the nature and degree of the law suit.
If the business face a law suit where an employee is claiming a sexual or mental harassment, then
business is facing a high compensation to pay.
If it’s a law suit about the unsafe work place or unfair practices, then the business might get shutdown.
If there is a law suit about any kind of discrimination, then the business might face both high
compensations to pay and the employee or employer that is accused might be release of their job.
Having a law suit filed against a business will always result in damage of goodwill, high legal cost, fall in
the motivation of other employees, indirect fall in the quality of the work or business.
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