Sentence structure soliloquy

A Quick Guide to Sentence Structure
Main clauses can stand alone and carry the main meaning of a
Subordinate clauses are used to add further information to a sentence
and are dependent on the main clause for their meaning. They cannot
stand alone.
Underline the main and subordinate clauses in the following
1. Claudius is a king.
2. Claudius is a king and has replaced his dead brother.
3. Claudius is a king who has replaced his dead brother.
4. Married to Gertrude, Claudius is the new king of Denmark.
5. Married to Gertrude who was formerly the wife of Old Hamlet,
Claudius is worried about an invasion of Denmark.
6. Claudius, who is married to Gertrude, his former sister-in-law, is
worried about an invasion of Denmark.
What do you notice about the position of main and subordinate
Now write a multi-clausal sentence in which you try to tell someone
some bad news in a way that they will not notice. Use clause
structure to help you.
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