1.4 Stonehenge introduction notes and video clip

Contrary to popular belief, the Druids DID NOT build Stonehenge
(it is much older than Druid/Celtic culture). It was built in stages
starting around 4000 years ago and was built by British people of
the late Stone Age (Neolithic) era. No one really knows why it was
built, but it does seem to have some religious purpose (and the
Druids may well have used it for human sacrifice).
The larger stones are 6.9 metres tall and weigh over 39000 kg (39
metric tonnes)!
Stonehenge is the largest and most famous of 1000s of stone
circles that were built in Britain (some of stone, others of wood).
Watch Clickview Online:
Lost Worlds: Secrets of Stonehenge also available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pXtHqAGN6E
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