Business final essay (Ms Nurchen Lama)

Linamar cooperation announced the completion of its acquisition on February. 1, 2018 with
MacDon. A global innovative market leader in the design and manufacturing of specialized
agriculture harvesting equipment. It is a family owned business which aims to manufacture reliable
machines that can make harvesting easier and productive for its customer in over 40 countries
worldwide. Linamar corporation is a global manufacturing company with highly advanced
technology looking forward to growing global with MacDon. In support of funding and closing
the acquisition of macdon, Linamar also announced their new credit facility which is a 5-year plan.
Linamar is a diversified global manufacturing company of highly advanced products powering
equipment’s, motion, work and lives. The company is made up of 2 operating segments-the
powertrain/Driveline segment and industrial segment, which are further divided into 5 operating
groups the article even states the forward-looking information, which indicated that predictions
may vary from result due to risk and uncertainties that may arise in future like; technological
change, foreign currency risk; lack of raw materials; fluctuations in interest rates etc.
Vertical acquisitions made by Linamar: Acquisitions simply mean to purchase one company by another company or by a group of
investors. In order, to complete its target. There are four types of merger and acquisitions they are
horizontal, vertical, conglomerate merger or acquisition and leveraged buyout. A vertical
acquisition is a situation where companies are at different phases of the supply chain in the same
industry. It is done to increase there supply level of resources or to grow globally to gain access to
different markets. Here, in this article Linamar corporation, announced that it has completed its
acquisition of 100% of the outstanding equity interests of MacDon which was announced on
December 14th, 2017 on, February 1, 2018. expecting to increase its productivity and to grow
globally (global vision). As MacDon is a top manufacturer with a strong customer following and
advanced technologies having an excellent reputation and passion for harvesting technology over
its 67-year history it has developed a strong relationship with global dealer network. Linamar is
looking forward being a leading global agricultural equipment manufacturer. This shows a
backward vertical integration strategy.
Strategic planning by Linamar’s CEO: A type of planning that involves assessing, designing, building, managing information create
certain goals for the organization. It gathers all the external perspective opportunity and treats and
internal perspective strength. These planning’s are done by upper-level management such as
CEO'S, presidents, directors and division heads, etc. and put into action by lower levels. In this
article CEO of Linamar has commented about there acquisition as” a very important strategic step
that will expand Linamar’s capabilities and further diversifies their end markets” (Article
Hasenfratz, CEO). Strategic planning plays a vital role in order to achieve organizational goal. It
is important to have a strong strategic planning with a mission statement, a document that states
the organizational goal and a clear, brief expression of how a company intends to achieve its vision.
Linamar vision statement is to expand their capabilities and grow their end markets.
Importance of Technology for success in both Linamar corporation and MacDon:Technology is “the practical application of knowledge.” (Merriam-Webster) Technology helps us
to work smarter and faster. Today, business can operate more efficiently and create competitive
advantages because of the advances in technology. Technology have made it easier to connect
globally and promote business into a larger scale. Technology plays a key role in any kind of
business For instance, all the 5 operation groups are related with technology like Company’s
Skyjack and Agriculture operating groups are noted for their innovative, high quality mobile
industrial equipment. Likewise, Company’s Machining & Assembly, light Metal Casting and
Forging operating groups focus on precision metallic components, modules and systems for
powertrain, driveline and body systems designed for global electrified and traditionally powered
vehicle and industrial markets. Highly advanced technology is a key for the success in this
cooperation. (Business 1201.” Introduction to business”,2018; pg-88)
To conclude, Linamar is a diversified global manufacturing company which is looking after to
work with macdon an preeminent manufacturer with a strong customer. Its strategy is to grow
globally and set as a leading global agricultural equipment manufacturer by expanding it’s
capabilities and further diversify it’s end markets. Technology have been a key reason to both
organization for their success. The actual result may differ from the vision statement or forwardlooking information. Risk and uncertainties like; changes in the competitive environment in which
Linamar operates, Technological change, foreign currency risk, etc. May arises at some point that
can cause results to differ from expectations.
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