Dystopian Free Read Project Guide

Science Fiction
Spring 2017
Choose Your Own Future: Dystopian Free Read Novel
In science fiction, students will read four novels. Students completed Anthem and their first free read
novel. The other required novel, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, must be purchased by May 1;
speak to the instructor if there is an issue.
For the second free read novel, students will select a dystopian fiction novel, read it, and complete a
project for it. The requirements and project guidelines are below.
Requirements for the novel:
Must be dystopian fiction
Must be a written novel (not a graphic novel)
May not be one of the required novels for the class
Must be at an adult or young adult reading level
Must not have read it prior to the class
Must be approved by Ms. Drees by Monday, April 10
Students do not have to purchase the novel. There are numerous novels available for checkout from
the instructor that fit the criteria. E-books are allowed, but students will need to have something to
work on related to their novel on days where we read in class. Students may choose the same novel as
other students and form reading groups if they desire.
For the project, students may select from three options. There is a written component with each
project, but one is categorized as being mostly writing. There is also a creative/visual option and a
presentation option. Students must determine their option and submit it by Monday, April 17. The
written component is attached; students may fill it out on the paper and turn it in with their project.
The projects are detailed below.
Writing Project:
Students who select the writing project will compare their novel to others, comparing themes,
character development, quality of writing, and potential societal impact (i.e., effects the novel will have
on people who read it). Students should discuss how their novel is dystopian and use textual evidence
to determine how the world came to be a dystopia.
If the text is not explicit and/or the characters’ origins are unspecified, students should extrapolate
from given information how the world in the novel became dystopian. Students may choose to write
this creatively as a sort of prequel.
The essay should be 3-5 pages, typed and double-spaced with 12 point font and 1 inch margins. The
writing requirement for all students will not be part of the essay and should be attached separately.
Creative/Visual Project:
Students who select the visual project will demonstrate their knowledge of the novel by creating
character schematic maps for at least three (3) characters. For each character, the schematic map
should include an original artistic rendering of the character with specific characteristics described in
Science Fiction
Spring 2017
the book. Included with the drawing should be a map detailing the characters background, what the
character says and does, and what other characters think (or might think) of that character.
Character drawings should be at least six (6) inches tall and be in full color. Students may want to
include the main character in different outfits. All text should be readable. Artistic renderings must be
original and completed by the student submitting the work. Renderings may be done on the computer,
hand-drawn, or made by collage. The final submitted project should be at least 3 pages.
Presentation Project:
Students who select the presentation project will present their novel to the class. Students will
provide a summary of the novel (without spoiling the end), a description of the main characters, the
main theme(s) of the novel, a critique of the novel, and why it is dystopian fiction.
In their critique, students will state whether or not they enjoyed the novel and why. The presentation
should last 5-10 minutes and have a visual aid of some kind. They may choose to use a Prezi,
PowerPoint, the white board and/or other visual aids. Students should practice their presentation
ahead of time in order to achieve the correct timing.
Other Project:
Students have the option to complete a different project of their own design. The project should be
able to demonstrate knowledge of dystopias and prove that they read the book. The project needs to
be discussed prior to the project choice deadline.
Monday, April 10
Students should have their book approved.
Tuesday, Apr. 11 – Monday, Apr. 17
Students will read their novels in class. Students may also
work on their projects.
Monday, April 17
Students should have submitted their project choice.
Friday, April 21
Students should be finished with their novel.
Monday, May 1
Projects and Written Requirement Worksheet due.
Presentations will begin this day.
This project is worth 50 points in the quiz category.
5 points
5 points
5 points
10 points
25 points
Novel approved by the due date April 10
Novel work the week of April 11-17
Self-Assessment of Project (completed after project submission)
Written Requirement worksheet
Novel Project (individual breakdown dependent on project selection)
Science Fiction
Spring 2017
Written Requirement Worksheet
Name _________________________________________
Answer the following question using complete sentences. Failure to use complete sentences will result
in half of the possible points being awarded.
1. What is your novel about?
2. What is the world in your novel like?
3. How is the world in your novel dystopian?
4. How did this world shape the main character? (Hint: think about what they would be like in a
different world.)
5. What common dystopian themes are present in your book? Be descriptive.
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