Sci-Fi Free Read Project Guide

Science Fiction
Spring 2017
Choose Your Own Adventure: Science Fiction Free Read Novel
In science fiction, there are two required novels, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card and
Anthem by Ayn Rand. Students are required to purchase them by March; speak to the
instructor if there is an issue. There are also two other novel requirements for the class,
one for each quarter.
For the first novel, students will select a science fiction novel, read it, and complete a
project for it. The requirements and project guidelines are below.
Requirements for the novel:
Must be science fiction
Must be a written novel (not a graphic novel)
May not be one of the required novels for the class
Must be at an adult or young adult reading level
Must not have read it prior to the class
Must be approved by Ms. Drees by Friday, February 3
Students do not have to purchase the novel. There are numerous novels available for
checkout from the instructor that fit the criteria. E-books are allowed, but students will
need to have something to work on related to their novel on days where we read in class.
Students may choose the same novel as other students and form reading groups if they
For the project, students may select from three options. There is a written component with
each project, but one is categorized as being mostly writing. There is also a visual option
and a presentation option. Students must determine their option and submit it by
Thursday, February 16. The written component is detailed below.
Written Requirement for All Students:
In 1-2 paragraphs, explain why this novel is science fiction. Be specific and
cite textual evidence.
In 1-2 paragraphs, explain why you would or would not recommend this novel
to anyone you know. Be specific about who would like it and why. Cite textual
evidence for your reasoning.
The projects are detailed below.
Writing Project:
Students who select the writing project will expand upon their writing requirement by
writing an essay. Students will begin by summarizing the novel, making sure to address
the science element. They will move on to discuss themes occurring in the novel that they
chose and how the novel uses those themes.
Science Fiction
Spring 2017
Students will then finish by comparing the novel to other works that they have read.
Students may compare their chosen novel to other novels that they have read in school or
at home. Students should compare themes, character development, quality of writing, and
potential societal impact.
The essay should be 3-5 pages, typed and double-spaced with 12 point font and 1 inch
margins. The writing requirement for all students will not be part of the essay and should
be attached separately.
Visual Project:
Students who select the visual project will demonstrate their knowledge of the novel by
creating a mock-up for a book jacket for the novel. The mock-up should include the front
with the title and author as well as artwork that exemplifies the novel. The artwork on the
mock-up should include at least 5 references to the book (e.g., characters, events,
locations). The spine should have the title and author.
The back of the book would have either a relevant and non-spoiling excerpt that hooks the
reader or at least 5 review quotes. The review quotes may be actual or fictional. There
should also be relevant artwork on the back. The back inside flap should have a short
author biography. The front inside flap should have a brief summary of the text that does
not spoil the book for potential readers.
Students will submit a plan, a rough draft, and a full color final draft with no errors or
erasure marks.
Presentation Project:
Students who select the presentation project will present their novel to the class. Students
will provide a summary of the novel (without spoiling the end), a description of the main
characters, the main theme(s) of the novel, a critique of the novel, and why it is science
In their critique, students will state whether or not they enjoyed the novel and why. They
will also discuss why they think it is or is not an important novel in science fiction.
Students should address the intended audience and the quality of writing when discussing
the novel’s importance. Students should also decide whether or not they would
recommend this to their peers and discuss it in their presentation and why.
The presentation should last 10-15 minutes and have a visual aid of some kind. They may
choose to use a Prezi, PowerPoint, the white board and/or other visual aids. Students
should practice their presentation ahead of time in order to achieve the correct timing.
Science Fiction
Spring 2017
Friday, February 3
Students should have their book approved.
Monday, Feb. 6 – Friday, Feb. 10 Students will read their novels in class. Students may
also work on their projects.
Thursday, February 16
Students should have submitted their project choice.
Friday, February 24
Students should be finished with their novel.
Students must submit a draft of their written
requirement paragraphs.
Friday, March 3
Projects and Written Requirement Paragraphs due.
Presentations will begin this day.
This project is worth 100 points in the test category.
10 points
10 points
10 points
20 points
50 points
Novel approved by the due date February 3
Novel work the week of February 6-10
Self-Assessment of Project (completed after project submission)
Written Requirement paragraphs
Novel Project (individual breakdown dependent on project selection)
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