Flipbook Activity

Create a Flipbook or Booklet About the Author
Who is Walter Dean Myers? What was his purpose for writing Monster? What are
the similarities between his novel and his life? Learn the answer to these questions
by reading several informational texts about Walter Dean Myers.
Knowledge gained from this project will help you better understand the book that
we are about to read, Monster by Walter Dean Myers.
Writing: Student will conduct short as well as more sustained research projects
based on focused questions, demonstrating understanding of the subject under
This project will help acquaint you with the life of Walter Dean Myers, author of the
fictional novel entitled Monster. Learning about Walter Dean Myers will help you
understand his perspective and fully connect with his purpose for writing the novel.
Group Task- (Same groups as yesterday!)
Your task is to use the resources provided to research the following questions:
1.When and where was Walter Dean Myers born?
2. What was his real name and why did he change it?
3. Who are his parents?
4. Who raised him?
5. What was his life like as a child?
6. What are the similarities between his novel and his life?
7. What was his purpose for writing Monster?
8. What other novels did he write?
9. Is he still alive, if not when did he die and what was the cause of his death?
You will be required to:
Collect data and pictures
Record your findings
Organize your information
Create a flipbook or booklet that includes the answers to all nine questions
Your job is to research information about Walter Dean Myers by collecting
data on the questions above.
Read the articles included to help you attain the information that is needed. Record
the information that you collect on the sheet provided. When you are done
thoroughly researching each topic, you will demonstrate knowledge and
understanding by creating a flipbook about Walter Dean Myers.
The following are the requirements needed:
You need a catchy title. Remember who your audience is.
You must include data on each of the questions.
You must include at least FIVE pictures.
The flipbook must be attractive in terms of design, layout and neatness.
Grammar, capitalization, punctuation and spelling should be correct.
Be creative!
Review the grading rubric to see exactly what gets you the highest grade possible.
Use class time wisely...
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