AH2 Unit 3 Review Sheet

Unit 3 Review Sheet
● Explain the reasons for US Imperialism
○ Trade○ Expand military and Alfred Mahan○ Cultural Superiority
Fill in the chart below regarding the Spanish-American War
● Yellow JournalismCauses of the
American War
● DeLome Letter● USS Maine-
● Cuba
○ Platt AmendmentTreaty of Paris
● Puerto Rico
○ Foraker Act● Other territories U.S. gained
Panama Canal
● Impact of the Panama Canal
○ On Trade● On Military● Roosevelt Corollary-
● Who were the Boxers? Explain the reasons and outcome of the Boxer
● What was the purpose of the Open Door Notes?
Causes of War
US Entry
● Long Term
○ M○ A○ I○ N● Short Term (Spark)● Unrestricted Submarine Warfare○ Lusitania● Zimmerman Note● Committee on Public Information-
US Homefront
● Conservation and Rationing● Role of Women and Minorities● Espionage and Sedition Acts
○ Schenk v. US● War BondsNew Technology
and Events
● Machine Gun● Mustard Gas● Trench Warfare● Use of Airplanes● Tanks-
Treaty of
● 14 Points● Impact on Germany
○ War Guilt Clause○ Reparations○ Demilitarize● League of Nations
○ Reasons for rejecting League of Nations-
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