The Alamo -A Complete History of US Wars Video

The Alamo
A Complete History of US Wars Video
Answer the questions fully in complete sentences.
The Alamo
1) Where is the Alamo located?
2) What type of building was the Alamo?
3) How many soldiers did the Texans have at the Alamo?
4) How many survived the siege at the Alamo?
5) Who were the leaders of the Texans at the Alamo?
6) Why did the Spanish build the Presidios and Missions
7) Why did Austin want to go to Texas?
8) What did practice did General Santa Ana outlaw in Mexico?
9) How did the Texans respond to Gen. Santa Ana’s directive (see question 8)?
10) How many Mexicans attacked the Alamo?
11) How long did the Texans hold out?
12) How many Mexicans died in the attack on the Alamo?
13) What happened at the Battle of San Jacinto?
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