14 pts worksheet

NAME: _________________________
INSTRUCTIONS: Fill in the blanks for Each of Woodrow Wilson’s FOURTEEN POINTS and answer each of the questions below.
These will NOT be taken up but they will be CHECKED at the end of class for a grade.
1) Public diplomatic _______________ and an end to secret _______________ .
2) Freedom of _______________ on the seas.
3) __________ _________ among nations.
4) Reduction of _______________ to the level needed for domestic _______________.
5) Fair _________________ of _________________ claims that arose because of the war..
6) Evacuation of Russia and _________________ of its _________________ territories.
7) Preservation of _______________’s sovereignty.
8) Restoration of France’s territory, including _______________.
9) Redrawing __________’s borders according to nationalities
10) Dividing __________________________________________________________________________
11) Redraw the borders of the _______________ states according to nationalities
12) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
13) Creation of an ___________________________________________________________________________.
14) Creation of a _______________________________________________________________.
1) Which country was hit hardest as part of the Treaty of Versailles (1919)?
2) Which of woddrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points was also part of the Treaty of Versailles (1919)?
3) Why do you think Germany was not initially invited to join the League of Nations?
4) Why do you think the United States never joined the League of Nations?
5) Name 5 countries that are a part of the League of Nations
6) Name 3 new countries created after World War I.
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