Engage Erosion & Deposition Questions

Period :
Thinking about Erosion & Deposition Questions
(Engage Section - 20 pts.)
1. What types of properties are responsible for changing and altering the landscape around us?
Name at least three properties. (3 pts.)
2. Explain how erosion and deposition shape Earth’s surface. (2 pts.)
3. What are the differences between weathering, erosion, and deposition? (3 pts.)
4. Below match the “Agent of erosion” to the correct “Landform Feature.” There may be more
than on landform used for each agent. (5 pts.)
a. Wind
b. Waves
c. Glaciers
d. Rivers
e. Mass Movement
5. Geologist study erosion to teach us about the past. What type of erosion demonstrates that it
can be a process that happens over a long period of time? Write the correct answer below.
(1 pt.)
6. What are some ways that human activities can affect the way land erodes? (1 pt.)
7. This is not a question, however you need to complete the activity, “What type is it” until you get
it 100% correct.
8. How do rock and soil undergo erosion and deposition? Explain where you obtained your
information from to answer this question. (2 pts.)
9. What are the specific agents of erosion, and what factors control deposition? (1 pt.)
10. How can engineers design and solve problems caused by erosion? Provide an example. (2 pts.)
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