Miller Biology Ch1 Self Test

The Science of Biology
Click the button next to the response that best answers the question.
1. If you spill acid on your skin, the first thing you should do is
notify your teacher.
determine which acid spilled.
rinse it off immediately.
replace the stopper in the acid bottle.
2. In terms of the scientific method, the purpose of an experiment is to
form a hypothesis.
collect data.
form a conclusion.
test a hypothesis.
3. If you see the symbol of a pair of gloves in a laboratory experiment, you must
wear disposable plastic gloves.
wear heat-resistant gloves.
use only freshly washed glassware.
wear your safety goggles.
4. To measure small volumes of liquids, scientists use units called
cubic liters.
5. The first step in the scientific method is
testing a hypothesis.
forming a hypothesis.
making observations.
analyzing data.
6. All forms of life on Earth
are capable of movement.
absorb and use materials.
absorb and use sunlight.
consist of many cells.
7. A controlled experiment allows the researcher to isolate and test
a conclusion.
a mass of information.
a group of variables.
a single variable.
8. Each of the following is an important fire safety rule in the laboratory EXCEPT
never heat anything in a closed container.
never reach across a flame.
never use clamps or tongs to handle hot objects.
never heat chemicals unless instructed to do so.
9. The goal of science is to
learn the causes of events in nature.
learn the causes of global misunderstandings.
understand and explain philosophy.
explain how societies develop.
10. In the metric system, your height is best measured in
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