authoritarian and democratic leadership style activity

Authoritarian and Democratic Leadership Style Activity
Below, in no particular order, is a list of descriptions relating to authoritarian and democratic decision-making. Your job is to cut each
one out and paste it in the appropriate circle in the Venn diagram on the next page under the heading either Authoritarian or
Democratic. Notice that both types of styles share common characteristics as noted in the intersect of the two circles. However, as
you will see as you go through this exercise, they look very different depending on the leadership style.
Decision Making: A
single person or small
group of people makes
all the decisions.
Decision Making:
Groups do not
experience a feeling of
Media/Press: The
government censors or
controls the media and
Political Parties:
Membership is usually
determined in elections.
Political Parties:
Usually, there is only
one political party.
Courts: The government Media Press: There is
controls court staff.
freedom of the press and
Courts: Court staff
members are allowed to
make their own
decisions about applying
the law.
Decision Making: No
input is sought before a
vote is taken.
Political Parties:
Usually, there are two or
more political parties.
Decision Making:
Groups experience a
strong feeling of
Political Parties: The
government determines
Elections: Elections are
often pre-determined, or
not held at all.
Decision Making: Time
is given to debate ideas
to ensure that minority
rights are considered.
Decision Making: A
group of people plans
and carries out
Police/Military: The
military is used to
protect citizens.
Police/Military: The
military is used to keep
the government in
Elections: Elections are
held on a regular basis,
with fair access by all.
Decision Making: There
is limited discussion or
debate on ideas and new
ways of doing things.
Decision Making: Input
is asked for before a vote
is taken.
Submit your completed work to your teacher for feedback.
Authoritarian Leadership Style
Democratic Leadership Style
Decision Making
Political Parties
Making of Laws
Law Enforcement
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