365 - Systems Administration HW #2

What can individual users of OS’s do?
Edit text files, log into remote computers, set system’s hostname, all of the above and more (103)
Which of the following is an example of an Object?
File, command, Operating system, RAM (104)
_______ account can act as the owner of any object.
The root, any, only your current, An admin (104)
_______ account can perform sensitive administrative operations.
The root, any, only your current, Any administrative (104)
You control and communicate with most devices through the files that represent them in ________ .
/dev , /etc , /comm /filesys (104)
The ls -l filename command:
List the ownerships of a file, list all files in a directory, list the first few lines of a file, list options
available for a file (104-105)
The kernel and filesystem track owners and groups as _______ .
Numbers, text names, levels, high/med/low (105)
The superuser account is also known as _________ and has a UID of 0.
SUser, root, admin, $home (105)
Restricted operations that only the superuser account can do include:
Changing the root directory of a process using chngroot, Setting the system clock, listing all files in the
system, deleting a file
(b, 105)
The ________ is implemented by the kernel & filesystem to allow specially prepared executables to run
with elevated permissions.
Identity substitution system, superuser bypass, admin console, Run As Administrator mode (106)
______ and _____ are permission bits that can be set to change the UID and GID of a process rather
than the user.
Setuid, setgid | chuid, chgid | sudo, sudo | su uid, su gid (106)
The only way to subdivide the special privileges of the root account is by _____________ .
Writing setuid programs, going 1 by 1 through user accounts, downloading a specific type of Linux,
editing privileges through vi (107)
What is RBAC?
Role-based access control, Role-Branded Administrative Console, Runnable-BIOS Access C, Rule-Based
RBAC is ideally used to ________ .
Management of large collections of possible permissions, Setting of permissions through BIOS, grant all
users high-level permissions, grant simple users the ability to change root password (108)
SELinux is a(n) ______ project, freely available since late 2000 and integrated into Linux kernel since 2.6.
NSA, GNU, UNIX, Red Hat (109)
_________ helps answer the question “How do I know this is really user X?”
Pluggable Authentication Modules, RBAC, SNA, Security Access Control (109)
Kerberos uses a trusted third party (server) to perform authentication for a(n) __________ .
Entire network, single user, restricted file, restricted folder (11)
The root password:
Isn’t used much if you have proper access control / superuser power assignment
Should be short and simple to remember it better
Be an actual encryption key
Should be AT LEAST 128 characters, and at least half symbols
The root password should be at least ___ characters long; ___ character passwords are substantially
easier to hack.
5;6 | 7;8 | 32;16 | 9;10 (111)
It is recommended to change the password:
At least every 3 months
When someone knows the password to your site
When you think your security has been compromised
All of the above
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