CSE - Systems Administration Homework #1

1. What is the UNIX ps command? (page 3)
a. Shows the status of running applications
b. Used to print the current directory
c. Used to print screenshot of current view
d. Paste some copied test
2. What makes system administration a hard job? (page 3)
The load spikes
The disk failures
the intentional attacks
All of the above
3. What part of the user accounts does the system administrator handle? (page 4)
Removes inactive accounts
Handles forgotten passwords
Plan cables and wiring
All of the above
4. Which of the following is true about creating backups? (page 5)
a) They may be done hastily
b) They are time consuming and boring
c) They will probably not be used in the future
d) It is quick and easy
5. Which of the following is true about documentation? (pages 5-6)
a) It includes where cables are run / how they are constructed
b) The documenter must maintain records of hardware and backups
c) They must document local procedures and policies
d) All of the above and more
6. Which of the following are command-line text editors? (page 6)
a) gedit
b) vi & vim
c) OpenOffice
d) Microsoft Word
7. Which of the following is NOT a scripting language? (page 7)
a) Perl
b) C++
c) Ruby
d) Python
8. Which of the following is NOT a UNIX-like operating system? (page 8)
a) FreeBSD
b) OpenSolaris
c) OpenBSD
d) openSUSE
9. Choose the following Linux distribution which is NOT a flavor of Red Hat Linux: (page 10)
a) Fedora
b) CentOS
c) Linux Mint
d) Oracle Enterprise Linux
10. What goes in the blank for the following command: cp _____ directory (page 14)
a) source
b) destination
c) file
d) argument
11. What does a tilde signify? (page 14)
a) Home directory of current user
b) Home directory of all users
c) One directory up
d) One directory forward
12. Which of the following is NOT denoted by powers of 2? (page 15)
a) Memory
b) Block sizes
c) Page sizes
d) Network Bandwidth
13. ____ is the linux command for reading manual pages (page 16)
a) pwd
b) help
c) man
d) doc
14. Linux system compresses man pages with ______ format (page 17)
a) .rar
b) .gzip
c) .zip
d) .pdf
15. Linux systems include a supplemental online man page system called ______ but is slowly
fading. (page 18)
a) Texinfo
b) GNUinfo
c) GNUman
d) Groff
16. Where can you usually find system-specific guides? (page 19)
a) Library
b) Printed books
c) Online
d) Electronics store
17. Where can you find IBM-specific guides for AIX? (page 19)
a) Printed books
b) Electronics store
c) Online
d) Texinfo
18. With _____ command in GNU’s findutils package, you can search for any type of file. (page 23)
a) locate
b) search
c) find
d) findutil
19. Find the incorrect way of installing wget: (page 24)
a) apt-get install wget (Ubuntu)
b) Yast –install wget (SUSE)
c) Yum install wget (Red Hat)
d) Make install wget (Gentoo)
20. Most systems’ default shell is ______ . (page 29)
a) Bash
b) Terminal
c) Cmd Prompt
d) Korn
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