Personal Employment CAN

Employment: Waged work
o This is not non-ruminated work like child care
The socioeconomic importance of Employment: One of the central organizing features of the
economy and our social lives
o One pillars of income distribution
o administration of different socioeconomic policies
o most central social institution of our daily lives
Contract law vs employment law
o Employment law is like a K law
 But different
1) The subject of the contract is not a commodity like others
a. Capacity to work for the wage / selling employment power
b. The employment law limits the employment power to separate it
from you
2) There is a structural inequality of bargaining power between the parties
a. How much the law should intervene to adjust the differential
i. Minimum standard legislation
1. Changes the starting bargaining point
ii. Collective bargaining > unionized employment
Employment law is an area that cannot be understood without a grasp of the policy questions
surrounding legal rules and principles.
o This is mainly a politics question-how do they want to adjust the policies
Employment law is deeply personal and deeply structural
o Policy making and the effect of that on the lives of the individuals
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