Determine whether the mutation is beneficial

Determine whether the mutation is beneficial, harmful, or neutral for the organism.
1. A generation of moths are born without being able to see at night.
2. A generation of mice are born with legs that make them faster than normal mice.
3. A generation of Iguanas are born with shorter toes.
4. A generation of Flies was born with oversize wings
5. A generation of Moths were born white instead of camouflaged.
6. A generation of Polar bears are born without the production of water-sheading oils in their skin.
7. A generation of humans are born with an additional finger.
8. A generation of bats are born with a protein that makes their skin repel insects.
9. A generation of cows are born with yellow spots all over their body.
10. A generation of bluebirds are born with longer beaks.
11. A generation of squirrels are born with extra fuzzy tails.
12. A generation of mice are born without the ability to regrow teeth.
13. A generation of dogs are born more aggressive than previous dogs.
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