Chapter 4
College Physics, 6th Edition
Wilson / Buffa / Lou
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Figure 4-2
Net force
Figure 4-3
Galileo’s experiment
Figure 4-4
A difference in inertia
Figure 4-5
Newton’s second law
Figure 4-6
The newton (N)
Figure 4-7
Newton’s second law and
free fall
Figure 4-8
Force and acceleration
Figure 4-9
An accelerated system
Figure 4-10
Off the straight and narrow
Figure 4-11
Distinctions between Newton’s second and third laws
Figure 4-12
Force pairs of Newton’s third law
Insight 4.2
Sailing Into the Wind – Tacking
Learn by Drawing 4-1
Forces on an Object on an Inclined Plane and Free-Body Diagrams
Figure 4-13
Finding force from
motional effects
Figure 4-15
Static translational equilibrium
Figure 4-16
On your toes
Figure 4-17
Friction and walking
Figure 4-19
Force of friction versus applied force
Table 4.1
Approximate Values for Coefficients of Static and Kinetic
Friction between Certain Surfaces
Figure 4-20
Forces of static and kinetic friction
Figure 4-21
Pulling at an angle: a closer look at the normal force
Figure 4-22
Free-body diagram
Figure 4-24
Air resistance and terminal velocity
Figure 4-26
An air-bubble level/accelerometer
Figure 4-27
Magic or physics?
Figure 4-28
Two applied forces
Figure 4-30
Correct label?
Figure 4-31
Away we go
Figure 4-32
Up a wall
Figure 4-33
Pulling a box
Figure 4-34
Mowing the lawn
Figure 4-35
Which way will they accelerate?
Figure 4-36
Atwood machine
Figure 4-37
Inclined Atwood machine
Figure 4-39
Racing tires versus passenger-car tires: safety
Figure 4-41
At what angle will it begin to slide?
Figure 4-42
Friction and motion
Figure 4-43
Take it away
Figure 4-44
Hoist it up