The DNA Molecule
Directions: Label the following parts of the DNA molecule below. You can “click” and
drag the textboxes to put them where they need to go.
Nitrogen Base
Hydrogen Bond
Directions: Answer the following questions about the DNA molecule.
6. List the four nitrogenous bases that make up a DNA molecule. Adenine, Thymine,
Cytosine, and Guanine.
7. Who discovered the structure of the DNA molecule? The first person to discover the
structure of the DNA molecule was Rosalind Franklin, but the people to actually push
and publish it was both James Watson and Francis Crick, which was all based on
Rosalind Franklin’s work.
8. The double-coiled shape of a DNA molecule is called? A double helix.
9. Chargaff’s base pair rule states the following:
Adenine will always bind with thymine.
Cytosine will always bind with guanine.
10. The sequence of DNA is the genetic code for an organism. (you can use more than
one word if needed)
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