Presentation (sexual harrasment) causes

 Three hypotheses on the subject of
rape were addressed empirically. The
first concerns the effects of exposure
to sexual violence on reactions to
rape. Responses to the rape showed
interactions between gender and
previous exposure:
 An investigation of the impact of the
Great Depression on women's paid
and unpaid work roles, and the
implications of this for their
situation in the current economic
crisis. While economic expansion
draws women into the labor force, it
is argued, the sexual segregation of
occupations creates an inflexibility
in the labor market which prevents
their expulsion during a crisis of
 Discrimination can be direct or indirect
 Discrimination may be caused by you as an employer
or by other workers, but you still have the
responsibility to monitor, manage and help prevent
discrimination in your workplace.
Discrimination means treating a person or group less
favourably than another person or group due to their
circumstances or personal characteristics. These
include a person’s:
religious belief;
sexual orientation;
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