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Many expect from the students of STEM as they are involved with technology in which they use as their
medium to improve their skills and also in learning. And by that teachers' cope up with the K-12 learning
strategies to portray their lessons making the students to comprehend it more effectively and may use it
in their tertiary education.
The school's performance and management may affects the effectiveness of K-12 to STEM students. In
(Brody, 2006) it is said that many students have a talent potentials but because of the lack of
consideration of school administrators makes it not bringing them out of their possibilities and should
be evaluated by experts more specifically in STEM field. In which may affect their performance and that
relates the researchers’ aim to know if the new curriculum have an
On the whole, the researchers’ aimed to study the effectiveness of the learning strategies implemented
by the new curriculum to determine how it affects their learning ability and as well as on its impact to
the college life of the STEM students. So that the lacks of the students as well as the school regarding
the K-12 curriculum may filled with new resolution.
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