script day 2

Good morning future professionals!
Good morning MingScians!
Good morning teachers and to our honored guests.
And welcome to our second day of career guidance program that will assist us, Grade 10 students to make informed choices regardin our preferred SHS track.
But before we resume our Career Guidance Program, let us start it with an opening prayer to be led by Ms. Jeber Escoreal. And please remain standing for the singing of our nationalistic song, sugbu hymn and alma mater song.
Once again good morning grade 10!!!
(If kusog ang shaget)
It really is good to have such energetic aurac coming from all of you, so to stir you more this (cold/fine) morning, we have HANNAH, SCOTT, and ALJUN!
(If dli kusog ang shaget)
It seems that some of us here are still a bit sleepy or so, and that is all the more reason to stir you up more and more more this (cold/fine) morning, we have HANNAH, SCOTT, and ALJUN!
You may now settle down to your respective places or simply squat grade 10.
Yesterday, together with the teachers, speakers, we covered 2 modules for this career guidance program:
1) Embarking on a Journey of Self-Discovery, in which we shared our discovery of who we are in terms of likes, values, skills, and interests. And we also learned in this topic that Knowing oneself is important as it plays an integral role in strengthening decision-making skills and shaping people’s decision-making processes. ; 2) Examining the Destination, where we were informed of the possible resources we may use in realizing our dreams through the different SHS Tracks. It also enlightened us on the significant role of self-awareness in the process of choosing an SHS track. Furthermore,we were introduced to the benefits of Senior High School and how it will equip us with skills needed for whichever path we may choose after SHS, be it higher education, employment, or entrepreneurship.
Now, without any further ado, to discuss to us module 3 entitled, " Charting Your Own Course" our facilitators, Dr. Cherry Lou Zappanta and Dr. Russel Dullosa. A round of applause please.
Thank you to our facilitators, Dr. Cherry Lou Zappanta, Dr. Russel Dullosa, Mdm. Jacqueline Bucao and Sir Steven Misoles.
So“Looking back, Module 1 placed emphasis on knowing ‘who we are’. It is through knowing ‘who we are’ that we make decisions that allow us to grow and enhance ourselves. Meanwhile, Module 2 concerned us with the early enrollment for SHS where we are given four specialized tracks to choose from. In response to the early enrollment, Module 3 showed us an effective way to decide what SHS track we will choose that is grounded on ‘who we are’.
Before we grab our lunch, let us end our morning session with a prayer to be lead again by Never Escoreal.
Have a nice lunch everyone!
Good Afternoon! Everyone may I request you to please stad. And may I ask Gwyneth Ybanez to please lead the prayer for this afternoon.
Good afternoon! Nabusog ba mo?!
With some, I can tell nga gipangduka nagsugod, lami guro kaau ang nakaon. So to liven up the mood, let us call on for a bottle of energizers for this afternoon, HARRIET, SHANDELL and REALLY JOY!
You may now settle down.
For this afternoon, we have 2 speakers who will.....................
Our first speaker (introduction)........
Thank you very much..........
Our second speaker (introduction)....
Thank you very much.........
And that concludes our day 2 of Career guidance program, and before we part ways, may I ask Gwyneth ybanez to lead the closing prayer.
Good bye and thank you MingScians.!!!
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