CH 5 The First Sumerian Dictator

Ch 5:
The First Sumerian Dictator
Scholars: Please get out your
whiteboards and expo’s and answer the
following question.
What do you know / remember about
- 3 scholars’ will share out.
Group question:
After watching the video, what do you NOW
know / remember about Mesopotamia?
- 3 scholars’ share out.
Read Aloud:
Story of the World - Ch 5: The First Sumerian Dictator.
● Pages 32 - 34. (Audio: Listen to chapter here)
With a partner, fill out the following guided notes based on the reading. (10 minutes)
Complete the Sumerian
Inventions Word Search
Due tomorrow
Day 2
Warm Up activity: Mapping ( 5 - 7 minutes)
1. Pass out the map.
2. The area Sumerians lived was called Sumer.
Sumer was NOT one country, like Egypt, but
was made of many city-states. Find Sumer on
your map and underline it.
3. One Story tells us that when Sargon was a
baby, he floated down the Euphrates River in a
basket. Find and trace the Tigris and
Euphrates Rivers in BLUE.
4. Sargon was found at the edge of the river in a
city-state called Kish. Sargon was raised in
Kish, and became a servant of the king. Find
Kish on your map and underline it.
5. Sargon conquered all of Mesopotamia and
called his new empire Akkadia. Draw a line
through the word “Mesopotamia” and
write”Akkadia” to show Sargon’s new empire.
2 column notes:
Scholars please:
● Get out your history notebooks and take notes on the following
slides. You will use your notes and previous day’s guided notes to
create a copybook page.
● Dates are important. Make sure you note them.
Social Structure of Sumer
Notice the timeline - Dynasty vs. Empire
Scholars - (using the map as a
resource) on your notebook paper
create a timeline with the following
civilizations in order from oldest to most
recent. Note There will be overlaps.
2500 BCE
Sumer Dynasty - Ur
2350 - 2300 BCE. Akkadian Empire
2850-2052 BCE Old Kingdom of Egypt
2800 BCE
Sumer Dynasty - Kish
2500- 2360 Sumer Dynasty - Lagash
Religion and the Afterlife
The evolution of writing
The First Empire 2350 BCE
The Akkadians
Whole group question:
Quick Summary:
● Competition for
resources gave
rise to early
empires in
● Sargon built
the first
Classwork / Homework
● Using the notes you just took, the warmup map, timeline exercise as well as
yesterday’s guided notes - create a copybook page highlighting what you
know about Mesopotamia and the transformation it went through under
Sargon’s rule.
For example:
● Mesopotamia used to be a land full of separate city-states but became
united under one ruler - Sargon.
○ How did Sargon rise to the position of King.
○ How many battles did he fight to achieve the unification of
Mesopotamia. How did he rule it?
○ What was his new empire’s name?
○ Social Structure, Religion, writing?
NOTE: Use the dates provided and big ideas (slide headings) as the main
topics to cover.
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