What is the difference between adulthood and child

What is the difference between adulthood and childhood? Explain the struggles
you, or others, face moving from childhood to adulthood. When do you move from
one to the other? Do you consider yourself an adult? Why or why not?
In my opinions, there are a lot of differences between adulthood and childhood.
When we was a children, our parents take care of us for everything. If we have any
requirements, they always satisfy us. Face our mistakes, they all choose to forgive us.
Gradually, the sense of responsibility will be dim in our brain. By contrast, in the
future, we need to take more responsibility for ourselves, such as the moral
responsibility for our behaviors. In financial aspect, we shouldn’t depend on them
anymore. Childhood also is a period that we must live following to the parents’ rules,
and obey the rules of schools as well. In our adulthood, we can have much more
independence and generally choose things like where I want to live, what I want to
eat, and what job I will do. As a adult, we have accrued as much knowledge as
possible than we possess as children. This knowledge can come from formal
education, but it can also come from simply interacting with other people in the
During the process of we moving from childhood to adulthood, some habits have
changed a lot, because of me over dependence on parents and they help me all the
time, so I don’t know how to correct these bad habits. In the past, parents are always
used to accommodate me, but except them, nobody will think of me as a kid. If
somebody see my mistakes, maybe I will get criticized. Many times, I try to learn
from it and accumulate enough experiences. Anyway, It’s difficult for me to go
through this part.
I realize that moving from childhood to adulthood was after I came to study in
Canada. My parents can’t stay with me, everything is new. I must find a method to
adapt myself to the current environment. Such as making new friend. Unconsciously,
I have become stronger than ever. I can stand being alone and solve any problems on
my own.
But for now, I’m not a adult. Because, I’m not financially independent yet. Many good
conditions are created by them. Sometime, if I want to buy clothes or eat some
delicious foods, they still give me money. I should find a good job to support myself
first, then, I also have abilities to support my parents, that is what a adult looks like.
The young and the old are often in conflict. If you are an example of the
young, what is it about the older members of society that disappoints you?
Enumerate the qualities that you dislike and tell if you believe that it is inevitable
that you shall one day possess those qualities or will you avoid them.
I think many old people like to nag us, they feel uneasy about something we do.
Compare us with them, we don’t have as much skill and experience as they have, so
sometimes, they don’t believe us. For most young people, we hopes our ability can
be recognized by others, but not query us. At this point, they disappoint me, so I try
to avoid them when I want to do something. The old people should provide enough
chance to show ourselves. Although we are not doing it perfectly, we still working
hard as much as possible. The old people should also let us work independently and
encourage us over and over again. I believe that If I continue to learn the new
knowledge, correct my mistakes in time, without doubt, I will overtake them in a
short time. Respect each other first, everyone has its own advantages, we should
explore and magnify them. Only keep the status equally, we can create a harmony
relationship with them.
What is the purpose of cursing? When is it appropriate and inappropriate? Do you
think teenagers use cursing as a form of rebellion? With that in mind, why do some
teenagers feel the need to rebel against the rules, or against other people (parents,
In the novel, one of the most common curse I read is from Holden. This behavior is
not only offensive but it make many people feel inappropriate because nobody
would talk like that. The truth is that he's not actually talking. In the vast majority of
cases, the swearing is his inner monologue. When Holden talks with someone, he
cleans up his language, as most people do. Late in the story, Holden says "goddam" a
lot. At that time, he was stressed-out. From my perspective, if we really feel the need
to express some strong emotions, especially anger or sadness, cursing can actually
help alleviate some mental stress because it provides a way for us to articulate what
we’re feeling. If we I have a lot pressure, we should make us feel better. The situation
is a very important problem, in public, we have to watch our languages, expect some
private or daily dialogues. For our parents or teachers, we also shouldn’t curse them,
whatever they right or wrong, they are older than us. As a teenager, we must respect
them. I think teenagers use curing as a form of rebellion, when their views conflict
with others, but they can’t express or someone doesn’t listen it, they will choose this
method. Although this looks like a little bit rude, it’s very necessary to rebel against
the rules. Teenagers shouldn’t be limited by the rules, if they always follow
something, they will lose their independent judgment. We should create our own
rules for ourselves, keep to do what we love. Sometimes an action contrary to the
rules can have the effect of promoting the very thing the rule was meant to promote.
Agree or disagree: “The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly
for a cause, while the mark of a mature man is that he wants to live humbly for
one” – Wilhelm Stekel.
I feel the advice Antolini gives to Holden is fitting for him because it applies to
Holden’s current state in life. “This fall I think you’re riding for-it’s a special kind of fall,
a horrible kind… He just keeps falling and falling. The whole arrangement’s designed
for men who, at some time or other in their lives, were looking for something their
own environment couldn’t supply them with. Or they thought their own
environment couldn’t supply them with. So they gave up looking.” This quote fits
Holden because he is in a downward spiral with the choices he is making and it
seems like he doesn’t realize it. Holden is also in search of something to give his life
meaning just like the men in the quote, and like those men he has almost given up
like when he contemplates suicide. However, Holden is one of the men that thought
his environment couldn’t supply what he was looking for. This could be the case
because there is plenty in life worth living for but Holden just cant seem to enjoy
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