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Hildago Essay
Hidalgo is biographical western film based on the legend of the American distance rider Frank
Hopkins and his mustang Hidalgo. It describes Hopkins' racing his horse in Arabia in 1891
against Bedouins riding pure-blooded Arabian horses.
Frank Hopkins and his horse, Hildago were broadcasted as "the world's greatest
endurance horse and rider".
Hopkins was a famous distance and dispatch rider for the U.S government.
Conveyed a message to the cavalry regiment authorizing the Wounded Knee Massacre
of Lakota Sioux (where the film starts off with reflection of). This is the second most
infamous crime of genocide by the U.S. government against American Indians.
Haunts him because he felt guilty for the massacre at wounded Knee.
Chief Sitting Bull was made fun of at the Buffalo Bill.
Well-off Sheikh Riyad sent his people to ask the show to either stop calling the dynamic
duo "the world's greatest endurance horse and rider" or prove themselves by entering
the 3,000-mile race through the Najd desert called the “Ocean of Fire.”
Considered to be the greatest distance race for horses across the world and has been
restricted to Arabian horses.
Overcomes discrimination and gains respect of the Arabs by abiding by the rules of the
race and not doubting the abilities of his horse.
Frank Hopkins mother also happens to be a tribal woman of the American Indian Lakota
Was given the name “far rider” or “blue child” from the Lakota tribe and learned to
speak their native language and holy dance called the Ghost Dance.
Hopkins also relates to Sheikh Riyads daughter, Jazira as she does not want to wear the
veil and he had to hide is Lakota heritage instead of being proud of it.
Believes that his culture and its traditions is what keeps him alive and gets him through
the race as he performs the ghost dance while he is injured and dying of thirst.
Returns to the United States and uses his winnings to buy a herd of mustangs that were
about to be culled to force Native Americans to convert to farming.
Hopkins has the horses released and frees Hidalgo to join them in the wild.
Hopkins went on to reportedly win 400 long-distance races
Was an outspoken supporter for wild mustangs until his death in 1951
Hidalgo's descendants live free in the wild in and around Oklahoma.
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