William Cullen Bryant’s “Thanatopsis”
Use textual evidence to support each answer.
1. The title combines the Greek words thanatos (death) and opsis (a vision). Explain
the title’s connection to the poem.
2. Describe the tone and mood of the poem. Is there a shift?
3. How would you summarize the poet’s attitude towards life and death?
4. In the end, who shares the individual being’s destiny?
5. Who is the audience of this poem?
6. What role does nature play in this poem?
7. How are the Romantic elements of individuality, imagination, and intuition
conveyed in the poem?
8. How is nature personified in this poem?
9. What is the main message of the final stanza?
10. According to the “still voice” introduced in line 17, what will happen to the
individual being?
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