AndreaDepuy ArtHistoryI Proposal

Andrea Depuy
Prof. Opp
Art History Survey I
Thesis and Bibliography
For the topical paper assignment, I will be diving into the history, methods, and
influence of ancient Egyptian makeup. The Egyptians were among, and if not the, first
established civilization to emphasize and care about their appearance and demeanor. I
personally have a deep interest in makeup, and I would consider myself to be somewhat of a
self-taught makeup professional. Learning the history of makeup in and of itself would be
fascinating, and to take into account the artisitc side and how it was incorporated into their art,
would be enlightening and fun. Makeup is an artform on its own, and I could write an entire
paper on just makeup, but its amazing that we see aspects of ancient Egyptian makeup in
modern-day makeup.
To research, BBC has an extesive article titled, “How Ancient Egypt Shaped Our Idea
of Beauty” which I think will give helpful insight into this ancient culture’s emphasis on beauty
and appearance, in more than just makeup, but also hair, perfume, clothing style, etc. There
many other articles to be found on the subject, and I hope to use many of them to corroborate
final pieces of evidence. I would also like to find some more scholarly research on the subject,
so I will be searching more intently as I move forward with this project.
In this paper, I hope to research and understand the method, making, and usage
of makeup in Ancient Egypt, both in daily life and immortalized in art. Egyptian makeup
and beauty standards has influenced modern art and makeup, and I hope to conclude
how that has occured over history.
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