Assignment 3 Corporate Social Responsibility

3. Child labour is a violation of human rights. India is sadly the home to the
largest number of child labourers in the world. Children are engaged as
household servants and are also employed by hotels, service stations, food
stalls, workshops, construction sites, carpet industries, etc. They are even
employed in hazardous and unhygienic forms of labour in textile, leather and
cracker industries, depriving the children of their childhood, and harming their
mental, emotional and physical development & well-being.
a. What according to you are five compelling reasons for the existence of child
labour in India?
INTRODUCTION:Child Labour, be in any form, is usually harmful and exploitative, thus
endangering a child’s physical, cognitive, emotional, social and moral development.
Since the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) or ICCPR (International
Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) failed to specify distinct rights of children, the
United Nations brought us the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) for the sole
purpose of protecting such an important yet vulnerable section of our society.
1. PARENTAL ILLITERACY: Illiterate parents do not realize the need for a proper
physical ,emotional and cognitive development of a child. As they are
uneducated, they do not realize the importance of education for their children.
2. OVERPOPULATION: Most of the Asian and African countries are overpopulated
. Due to limited resources and more mouths to feed , Children are employed in
various forms of work.
3. POVERTY: many a time poverty forces parents to send their children to
hazardous jobs. Although they know it is wrong, they have no other alternative as
they need the money
4. URBANISATION: The Industrial Revolution has its own negative side. Many a
time MNC's and export industries in the developing world employ wild workers,
particularly in the garment industry.
5. UNEMPLOYMENT OF ELDERS: Elders often find it difficult to get jobs. The
industrialists and factory owners find it profitable to employ children. This is so
because they can pay less and extract more work. They will also not create union
CONCLUSION:In conclusion, child labour is a major problem in the world.
Many children have lost their childhood because of it. Many children have got hurt
because of it. Many children have become criminals because of it. Even though
some people believe it should not be banned, more and more people started
to protest against it. With the development of human right, child labour should be
banned in modern society.
b. Suggest four strategies/action plan that can be adopted by business to make
child labour unattractive and non viable.
strategies/action plan that can be adopted by business to make child labour
unattractive and non viable are as mention:
1. Educate yourself:
Use resources such as those suggested here and then share what you learn
with friends, family, co-workers, and others, and work together to increase your
“voting” power.
2. Contact retail stores, manufacturers, and importers:
Kindly ask them questions about the origins of their products. Let them know
you want to buy products that don’t involve child labor, and give them
suggestions for ethical products and services they can offer instead.
3. Contact local, regional, and national legislators.
Ask them to pass laws that ensure no products in your city/state/country are
made with child labor, and encourage them to adopt “codes of conduct” which
include concern for humane, sustainable, just practices.
4. Contact businesses that do business in countries that have child labor.
Encourage them to put pressure on government officials to take appropriate
action and on businesses that use child labor to use sustainable, fair-trade
Conclusion: Stopping such insidious practices isn’t easy, but there are choices that all
of us can make to improve conditions for children, to reduce our contribution to child
labor, and to facilitate an end to the oppression and exploitation of children.
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