Contact Law

Contact Law
Property law- prawo rzeczowe (->ownership/->possessions)
Inheritance law
Family law
The law of obligations
->Party- accept,reject,promise,consider
Counter offer – kontr-ofera
Offer given in response to an offer. It implies rejection of the original offer and puts the ball
back in the court of the original offerer who has three options: to (1) accept it, expressly (by
replying) or by implication (by not replying), (2) issue another (counter-counter) offer, or (3)
reject it expressly. No binding contract can be created until one party accepts the other's
essential terms of a contract- istotne warunki umowy
subject matter – przedmiot umowy
oral contact – umowa ustna
aggignment – przeniesienie praw
contract formation – zawarcie umowy
file a lawsuit –
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