Serve Cincinnati was a very interesting experience

Serve Cincinnati was a very interesting experience, I didn’t think much of it as it was beginning.
The main objective of the service mission was to help the people of the inner city area. We went to
many different places, such as the Peasley center, a renovated elementary building for the children of
Over the Rhine, or OTR. Which is experiencing a move of Gentrification, or when you put a lot of money
into an area which previously had hardly any, and “fix it up” But, that has turned out to do more harm
than good. As the gentrification happens, the affordable housing units are being renovated, and rented
out for much more money than they were previously worth. That pushes out the people who have lived
there for generations, who have a shortage of money. The people who now cannot afford where they
previously lived are being pushed out into Lower Price Hill, or even into homelessness.
Lower Price Hill has its own problems. People look at Lower Price Hill as a “bad” area, and that
it’s dirty or scary. The reason the area seems so run down is not that the people living there are lazy or
just don’t care, it’s that the landlords who own the homes don’t have enough money to keep the area
clean and nice. Most of the people in Lower Price Hill rent their homes, so it all comes down to the
landlord and how they handle it, or if they can.
We worked with some of the children of Price Hill, and they were all very kind. I loved spending
time with them. We worked in the BLOC ministries after school room. I met one boy, who was around
my age. He was fifteen. He was very kind and we listened to the same kind of music. He explained to me
that he never really went home, that things were kind of tough, so he stayed away from it. He was very
nice and smiled a lot. Being there opened my eyes a lot, showing that just because you are poor or
under resourced, doesn’t mean you can’t be happy.
We also went to a food pantry/soup kitchen. I helped clean and organize, serve food, and sit and
converse with some of the guests there. I spoke with one man, who was thirty nine years old and named
Rolf. Rolf was very nice, and seemed very happy. He had been experiencing homelessness since he was
eighteen years of age. Rolf had actually lived right down the street from me not that long ago, at an
apartment complex that a lot of the people I know live at. One thing that I was taken aback by, is that he
was going to his mom’s house right down the street after he was done eating here. He was living on the
streets in this area, and his family was right there, yet none of them took him in. If something were to
happen to me and I began experiencing homelessness, my family would be there to help me no matter
what. Rolf was under resourced, which also includes the fact that his family wasn’t having him stay with
him. Under resourced means that you don’t have the friends, family, food, housing, or other things that
would help you to live a stable life.
At the food pantry/soup kitchen, there were two young women, who were high on
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