Nicholas Pyle
October 15, 2018
Fossil Fuel
Fossil fuels have been something We have been using our entire lives, it is
something that has helped grow this nation, build this other country, and bring in
money through gas stations and other means of needs for everything. Coal, Oil,
Gas, these things can all be blamed for a major portion of things going wrong in
our world not just in our country.
In an article written by J. Grigg, he stated, “The UK government was
sufficiently concerned to issue a warning when air pollution levels for particulates
were forecast to be high across most of the UK.” (J, Grigg,). This is an important
message to take hold of as the fossil fuel are slowly destroying everything,
except we don’t seem to care.
One of the many ways that we can change the effect of fossil fuels is by
simply using renewable resources, one day when we deplete fossil fuels we wont
have the renewable resources set up and ready to go before panic and rioting
begins in the streets, which in it self can be an issue alone.
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