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From The Executive Producers
Memo: New Series in Production
To: Screenwriters
Subject: Character Creation
Writers, a new series is in the works here at Sword and Sandals
Productions! The series is set in the days of the ancient Roman Empire. The
setting will be not only Rome and Italy, but all of the Roman world. The
cast of characters will represent the entire spectrum of Roman society, from
the most powerful and wealthy to the lowest ranks. This is where you come
in. We want a memorable character that is a Roman slave. It is up to you
and your team to determine the specifics of the character (gender, age,
background, etc.). We project the series to run 5 seasons, so we’d like to see
the character develop significantly from season to season. We want a
character that has depth, complexity, entices the interest of the viewer, and
portrays accurately the historical and cultural conditions and
circumstances of the period.
Amaze Us!
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Memo: Proposal Change to Series Development
To: Screenwriters
Subject: Main Character Sketch, Season 1
Writers, thanks to new resources and investment, the character you were
assigned to create, the Roman slave, has been picked to be the main
character of the series. We need a series one sketch pronto to show to our
new backers. Assume a typical 20 odd episodes, and present to us an
overview of our new main character and his or her development from the
premier episode through the first season, and envision how the next few
seasons of episodes might look as a build up for the future. Naturally a
number of characters closely connected to our main character will be major,
so imagine how their roles will evolve alongside our main character. Our
new investors are keen on detail, so realism and historical accuracy are
high priority!
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