Student Science Fair Schedule

Student Science Fair Schedule
Teacher Name: Mrs. Hamadeh
Date: 11/5/2018
Topic Selection Wizard
Reference List/
Materials and Procedures
Background Information/
Review of Literature
Variables and
Conduct Experiment
Data Analysis and
Assignment Description
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Topic Selection Wizard (“Wizard”) to help them narrow
down an area of interest for the project.
The topic, specific question, and tentative experimental
procedure the student will be investigating in the project.
A detailed list of the sources that will be used for the
experimental research. Source Requirement: at least 3
non-website sources which may include online books
and journals.
A detailed list of the materials that will be used to conduct
the experiment and the detailed steps that will be followed
while conduct the experiment
The background information is a 4-5 page, 700 word,
minimum APA formatted paper that includes the
 The Theory behind the topic, including key concepts,
terms, and equations (if applicable).
 Method. The best techniques for investigating the topic
and how they are performed.
 History. Have other investigated this topic and what did
they find?
 Significance. Why is the answer to the question
An explanation of which factors will be changed while
conducting the experiment and a hypothesis on the resulting
impact of the change.
There should be a minimum of two weeks here to allow the
students to do multiple runs of their experiments.
Minimum Trials: 3 runs of experiment. If students are
working with plants, they should have 3 plants for each
variable tested.
The analysis of the experimental data. A summary of the
findings of the experiment.
In Class Due
*Thursday, Nov.8th
*Tuesday, Dec.4th
(if ordering online)
*Tuesday, Dec. 4th
Tuesday, Dec. 11th
Tuesday, Dec. 11th
Tuesday, Dec. 11th
An explanation of the results of the experiment.
A paper that collects all the above written assignments in
one place plus a short abstract of the project.
The final project board that will be displayed at the science
The date the students must turn in their projects to the
teacher or to the school science fair.
Tuesday, Dec. 11th
Regional Science Fair
Application Submission
Review of Literature minimum 8 pages
January 24th, 2019
Regional Science Fair
Museum of Science and Industry
March 2nd, 2019
Research Paper
Display Board
School Science Fair
* Assignment to be collected for a grade
Friday, Jan. 4th
Friday, Jan. 4th
*January 8th - 10th
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