Sample MLA Format

Lastname 1
Student Name
Teacher Name
Centre theTitle of Your Short Story Essay
Double space the content of your essay. Begin your essay with a
well-developed introduction. Include the first and last name of the author and the title and connect this with something. Summarize the plot of the story in a sentence or two. You may use a word or phrase in quotations fro the story. End the introduction with a clearly stated thesis that responds the question being asked in the assignment.
Indent each new paragraph. Begin each new paragraph with a
TOPIC SENTENCE. Then develop the analysis in each body
paragraph with at least two examples. Use transitional expressions to link ideas. Be sure to employ explanatory phrases to set up quotations. Use parenthetical references. For example, the narrator in "The Short Story" observes that " ..." (35) while simultaneously arguing that "..." (42). Do not use contractions, I, we, or you. In this
essay. End each body paragraph with a clear CONCLUDING SENTENCE. Link the body paragraph directly to the thesis.
Lastname 2
Each subsequent page of the essay will also be numbered. The last name of the student and the page number can easily be done automatically by using the header function in word. There is
no need to use the footnoting function for the essay. As mentioned,
parenthetic referencing is sufficient. See the course manual for how
to do this correctly. As you also know, it is key to write your essays
using the present tense.
In sum, MLA format should be used for all of your English
Essays. It is part of know how to write essays and it ensures a consistent development. End your essays by restating the essay's
idea. For the short story essay, include a Work Cited at the end.
You will cite the short story that you wrote about from the Course
Manual. Look up how to cite a selection from an anthology for clear
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