Figurative Language in Bud Not BUDDY
 “The locomotive was hissing and spitting coal black smoke into the sky….”
 “…..poor kids on the road all alone are like dust in the wind.” simile
 “Shoot, this ain’t no city, this is just another cardboard jungle.”
 “Everybody froze when the train whistle blew one long time and the engine
started saying shuh-shuh-shuh.” personification and onomatopoeia
 “….then I was inside the Amos house crouched down like a cat burglar.”
 “My heart started jumping around in my stomach as soon as I reached out
for the shotgun.” personification
 “Todd’s bed stayed as dry as the desert.” Simile
 “If J. Edgar J. Hoover and the FBI saw me now I’d be in some real serious
hot water!” idiom
 “The paper peeled away in little curly yellow strips like that stuff rich people
throw on New Year’s Eve.” Simile
 “He smiled and the warm water from the jelly jar opened that little valve up
and ….woop, zoop, sloop….he soaked his sheets!” onomatopoeia
 “I put my hand out like Paul Robeson running down the football field.”
 “Todd might’ve been a lot bigger than me but he’d better be ready, this
wasn’t going to be a bird’s nest sitting on the ground for him.” metaphor
 “In her eyes Todd’s mouth was a prayer book.” Metaphor
Figurative Language in Bud Not BUDDY
 “…..I woke up from a good sleep because it felt like a steam-locomotive had
jumped the tracks and chug-chug-chugged its way straight into my nose.”
onomatopoeia and simile
 “…when one of the caseworkers came in and tap-tap-tapped down the line.”
 dying to know idiom
 the book was gigantic hyperbole
 knowledge is food metaphor
 ideas are like seeds simile
 Gifted Gents of Gospel alliteration
 Wonderful Warblers of Warsaw alliteration
 Piped up idiom
 “as stupid as a lamppost” simile
 “eyes buking out” personification
 “like a turtle in a shell” simile
 “jim-jammed” alliteration
 “scared me to death” idiom
 “Todd’s balloon head” metaphor
 “sounded like a horse that had been run too hard in winter” simile
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