PPG 10th ListenWise

Should Schools Hold Student Cell Phones?
Instructions: Listen to the presentation twice. Then answer the
What is Patelis' primary concern regarding having phones in the
How are some students trying to get around the soft pouches policy?
This question has two parts. First, answer part A. Then, answer part B.
What conclusion could be made based on this selection?:
a. Students can adjust to not using their cell phones during the school day
b. Cell phones are necessary for student learning
c. Taking away cell phones is ALWAYS beneficial for learning
d. Not having cell phones is best in a science class but not in a history
Which quote provides support for your answer in part A?
a. "Because their attachment is so intense, California State University
professor Larry Rosen says cutting the cord cold turkey during class
may actually backfire."
b. "I don't reach for my phone as much because it's, like, if you don't feed
into the habit, the habit eventually slows down."
c. "I see it all as part of a social movement."
d. "You're inducing massive anxiety. And you're going to get a group of
people who really can't pay attention because that anxiety is an
overriding feeling."
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